Tuesday, October 23, 2012

{movies out now}

hello friendlikins! 

how are you? hope tuesday is treating you well. its a bit chilly, hey?! hope your'e all rugged up + feeling toasty warm. pop on some tea or chai + check out these movies that are out at the mo. 

{moonrise kingdom}

{bourne legacy}


this is tim burton's latest + i can't wait to hear kimbra's new song that she wrote just for the movie!

these are the ones i'd like to see. have you seen them? would you like to see them? any recommendations? any duds? would love to know! being a tuesday its a dandy day to check out the newest flick, also with this weather who would want to do anything else?! (well except being in a doona all snuggled up on the couch crafting, reading or something dandy like that!)

i hope that whatever you have planned for this evening that you make the most of it.
{carpe diem!}

see you on the flip side!

love love

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