Tuesday, October 23, 2012

{mixtape monday}

hey there friendlikins!

{happy tuesday! i had technical issues last night, hence the late post - enjoy!}

 how's your monday been? sorry about the late post - its still monday, its still good, its still good!
i hope that whatever your monday entailed was full of joy, fun times + not the usual mondayitis.
i had a really good day today : ) would you like to hear about it? if not feel free to just skip ahead to the songs i've chosen for this weeks {mixtape monday} or listen as you read - it will be multimedia expense for your senses!

today we were up at the crack of dawn, as tommy now starts work at 7:30am instead of 8:30am. i dropped him off + when i got home, was out of the car + straight into walking. this way i don't go inside + sleep instead! this is only the 4th time in the last 9ish days that i've been for a walk around the park. it's a beautiful park with lovely people walking their happy dogs, who say hello + don't bite. bonus!

you might remember my 4 simple goals list including going for at least 5 walks a week. well at least i've started now, right?! do you find it hard to get back into exercise? i haven't intentionally for far too long, i'm not sure if i should tell you. it's pretty bad... but getting bank into it has been great! i feel more alert + have more energy + i'm getting more done during the day. yay!

when walking you get to see all the beautiful things God has blessed you with like these flowers i found this morning...

so so pretty!

today, after my walk - i tidied + organised + cleaned the house (well granny flat) for many hours! it was a productive day, and it feels good to have gotten some things done + now the house looks that little bit better + more liveable. lots of washing got done tonight. but i'm leaving the washing up for tomorrow. anyways, enough about my wifely household chores.

here's an organisation tool that i made today, inspired by elsie of a beautiful mess...

whiteboard planner

check out her cleverness over here.

time for some tunes to get you through the week...

1. sharp shooter {hungry kids of hungary}

2. run run run {phoenix}

3. my manic and i {laura marling}

4.  the best we got {the rubens}

5. 100 yard dash {raphael saadiq}

happy spring! (or is it winter - how crazy is this weather?!)

how bumble + moose spent this rainy day

love love

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