Tuesday, October 16, 2012

{lizzie's life lately}

hello ello friendlikins!

long time no see, my bad... it's been c-razy town round here lately with ALL the things happening!

{art gallery edition - part 1. mca}

today i'll be sharing about my art gallery adventures - here we go!

tommy and i jumped on a rivercat + had an incredibly windy ride to circular quay.
first stop the mca (museum of contemporary art). 

i love the colours + display of thread - feeling the need to sew!

we wandered round looking at all the art, but to tell you the truth - we spent just as much time, if not more in the gift store! full of arty/crafty books, stationery, toys, and fun cards and knick knacks to check out. here are a few books that tickled my fancy...

looks like fun!

made one in high school - haven't since...

love polaroid pics

a cute doll card in the gift store

{bing} i have an idea - gelato!

we had to have gelato - i had mint + hazelnut

sore feet
 after all the walking around the gallery + circular quay + bicentenary park - my feet were mighty sore... these shoes are great for walking - but not that far! lesson learnt. maybe.

origami flying boxes

when boxes fly...

so so many!

but before we left we made sure to check out some more art, which was these origami flying boxes which had motion senses in some, so that when you walked under one it would make a noise. and yes - i did jump!

we only saw one level of the mca - but it was a dandy afternoon, before a lovely evening of fun times + checking out all the knick knacks all over ben + maja's appartment. really wish i took some photos. oh well!

 stay tuned for the next {art gallery installment part 2. maja + friend}

hope you've been able to stay out of the heat today - a stinking 32 degrees! maybe you went to a gallery just to get in the air con, as people were starting to look at you funny in the local store. have you seen some good art recently? any good galleries you would recommend? whether near or afar?

I've spent the day doing nothing much as our granny flat is a sweat box dentist surgery! we really need to cover the tiles (which are everywhere!) with rugs or something. also need to ask the landlords whether we can paint the stark white walls!

anywho i wish many icy poles (i recommend - frosty fruits, lemon lime + bitters) + cold showers to you all.

much love

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