Tuesday, November 13, 2012


{challenges - the 2012 edition}

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hello lovely friendlikins! how are you? hope you're tuesday has been fine n dandy! what have you been up to on this glorious day? i've been working on some rainbow birthday bunting. more on that another time. today i would like to share with you some great challenges i've come across in inter-webs land. these are challenges you may have seen on my blog down the right hand side                             --------------------------------------------------------->
and also you may have read my 4 simple goals before 2013 post. i thought i would share with you, what they're all about, so you too can join in on the fun times! who said challenges needed to be dull + too hard!

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if you would like a reminder of my 4 simple goals + how it all works. can you find them here + here.

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fmsphotoaday challenge is all about having a list of things to inspire you take pictures each day. it's loads of fun, and you can read all about how it works here + to jump in to start november's photo a day!

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grannyaday challenge is all about getting crafty with your crochet hook. you can choose your own challenge (like choose your own story books!) you can make as many or as little as you'd like - it's to get you crafting, and i like that! you can check out how to crochet + all the deets for the challenge right over here.

brought to you by cathy

blogtoberfest is about blogging for 31 days - everyday for the month of october. i came across it quiet late, so i thought i would just use it as a challenge to blog as many days as i can. there are other great parts to the challenge + you can check them out over here.

as you can see, challenges don't need to be a bore. they can be creative + full of new skills to learn + improve on, memories made + captured + possibly a lovely rug for your bedroom or home! happy challenging for 2012 friendlikins! let me know what you choose to do - that would be dandy fine!

soon i will share with you how i've been going with the challenges - so stay tuned!

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