Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Spring has sprung!

(hehe sprung is a funny word - try saying it a few times really fast!)

well there's no doubt that its spring - the birds are singing, the sun is shining in my eyes in the morning and all through the day! flowers are popping up in neighbourhood gardens and babies are everywhere! whether furry, feathery or the cute tiny finger and toe kind. spring is lovely, not too hot not too cold... but for those of us who have allergies - its time to up the anti on the antihistamines!

So far this spring...

date night with the hubby

what i wore

tommy and i were going to watch bourne legacy but realised that we had most of season 4 of smallville to watch as it was due back to the video store. so we went out for dinner instead and then got out superhero watching on.

spring fashion

colour LOVE

last night we had dinner at a friends place. amy and lucas made us some very yummy japanese/western taco dish. which was delish! we admired their lovely apartment, talked newly married life and had fun times playing ticket to ride. if you haven't played ticket to ride, you should - its a great board game. you can even get it on your iPhone and iMac! of which i have both... but no more iPhone... my galaxy note is pretty great though : D.

seriously been listening to this over and over and over again! only just discovered polar knights and i LOVE them! you should listen as you read and make plans for spring : ) i did.

upcoming spring fun times!

*birthday parties here there and everywhere - including tommy's 21st! woot!

*and my sister naomi's 21st!

* i'll be making bunting for her vintage circus party and helping make the invitations!

*i'll be helping organise tommy's party which will probably involve music and homemade pizza!

*i'm planning up coming blog posts and fun times - even prep for next year! there are fun things to join in with so stay tuned!

*i'm making bunting to sell at gigs and markets and eventually on etsy!

*i'm getting organised and getting things done!

*i'm filling my mind and computer with as many helpful things as i can for starting my business!

*spending quality time with the hubby and having weekly date nights!

*picnics with friends!

*crafternoons with the girls (and the hubby - he likes to crochet too!)

so many fun and exciting and new and happy making things to look forward to, make and do! what are you looking forward to this spring? do you have any plans or adventures? i'd love to hear about them - do share! that would be dandy : )

love love
 liz xo