Saturday, May 26, 2012

my life according to instagram

hello friendlikins!

guess what?! there is only 4 weeks til i'm married! only 28 days!!! as you can see i'm a tad excited : D. sorry i haven't been around lately, been busy with weddingy things.  getting there bit by bit.  actually feels like it's happening now that there are weeks rather than months to go!

here's my instagram update...

a reflection on the past week in photos to remember the good times and be inspired for the week ahead, to love, to be creative and be generous! 

wavey hair after braids 
crunching through the autumn leaves

loving the colours

crunch crunch crunch

so many lovely plants and animals to enjoy

mmm crafty frankie posters...

beautiful rsvp card

chai time

new cupcake mug

no need to worry that my dress needs altering

trying to make time to read this

cute + pretty

honeymoon scarf making time

kitty love


love listening to tommy play guitar 

pumpkin + sweet potato soup + oj

i may have just bought the samsung galaxy note 


love these roses

fancy invite - why is everyone's birthday the week of my honeymoon?

big head mcgee - that's me 

this beautiful thing right here is my hubby to be

ohh bumble you make me laugh

kitty snuggle times are pretty great

hope you lovely people have had a great week - full of fun times, mystery, adventure and joy!
any plans for the weekend? needless to say my plan is to get as much wedding planning and decoration making and people organising as possible!
hopefully the sickness stays away... hope you haven't been fighting any colds!

until next time friendlikins
which hopefully won't be so far away...

love love
liz xo

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