Monday, May 14, 2012

my week on instagram monday

a reflection on the past week in photos to remember the good times and be inspired for the week ahead, to love, to be creative and be generous! 

how's your week been? sorry i've been MIA. 

*i've been making paper cranes nearly reached 1000!
*enjoying my kittens who are soon to be cats - they grow up so quickly... 
*i've been watching season 6 of dr who with tommy.
*doing lots of wedding planning - and feel like its all coming together nicely!
*excited that its only 6 weeks til tommy and i are married!
*i've been down to just carrots, soup and baked beans in the house...
*went to church and handed out wedding invites!
*had lovely early mother's day afternoon tea and wedding planning catch ups with mum.
*and more afternoon tea and wedding catch ups with mum, tommy and his parentals.
*i've been sewing - working on wedding decorations!
*talking to virginia about flowers for the wedding : )
*painted my nails
*been spending more time reading the bible and books in general : )
*and generally being full of joy despite being sick amongst all of the above!

had any adventures or crafty shenanigans of your own? 
hope it's been fine and dandy! : )
catch you round friendlikins

love love
liz xo

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