Thursday, March 3, 2011

Hello World

Hello my dear friendlikins!

As you all know I have been a tad MIA recently… OK for a while now. This has been for a few reasons including being unwell, my computer/internet having a mind of its own, moving, working and being just too darn tired.

But now that things are looking up I thought that I would catch you up on what I can with the last 2 months, which may be a series of posts as I have much to share with ya’ll.

I thought I’d start you off with what I watched whilst sick (the joys of nannying – oh yeh so I started nannying about 2 months ago – turns out I’m doing a good job as I’m getting a pay rise and becoming permanent rather than a fill in : D).

Sherlock – truly amazing, I highly recommend this one – GOLD.

Smallville (season 1) – who doesn’t enjoy small town drama mixed with supernatural powers and romance? OK… you can stop judging me now : P

veronica mars

Veronica Mars (season 1) – LOVED it when it was on TV way back when and LOVE it now. I love some good detective drama!

I have been attempting to do my book challenge… so far I’m 2 months behind. If only the challenge was to buy 1 book a month, cause so far I’m way ahead : S. Who can resist a 20% sale at Koorong? Anyways I figure now I’m stocked up for the rest of the year that I may complete the reading challenge ; D.

dug down deep

Dug Down Deep by Joshua Harris – this has been really hitting me hard. God has been really revealing himself and rebuking and teaching me a lot with this book and during the time that I’ve been reading it (more on this another day). READ THIS BOOK. Do it!

Other things I’ve been reading… (probs the reason why I haven't been keeping up to speed with the book challenge : P)

relevant mag

Relevant Mag – from Dec 2009 the only one I’ve bought, but its brill! Really gets you thinking about good stuff like justice in a corrupt world and how to be a Christian amongst the world in all aspects, along with interviews with bands and what their thoughts on God and faith and what not. I highly recommend the mag and also their podcast and radio station thingy on the net! Seriously do it – you wont regret it – you may have noticed that this isnt the first time I’ve posted about them… CHECK THEM OUT, I dare you!

frankie mag 2011

frankie mag – full of inspiration to get my creative juices going and really just full of fun, crafty, creative goodness that makes me smile : D.

I’ve been listening to the wonderful tunes of…

mumford and sons album cover

Mumford and Sons – which I bought for my sis Naomi for CHRISTmas

freelance whales

Freelance Whales – you may not have heard of them. I’m not sure how I know about them – probs Relevant (see I told you they were great) they are magical. They have a banjo and an accordion I do believe : )

florence and the machine

Florence and the Machine – all her songs are hits and great to dance around to!

hungry kids of hungary

Hungry Kids of Hungary – good times had by all : D
Pretty much I’ve been rotating between these and just putting them on shuffle. Oh and I got these headphones recently (they are actually turquoise – my fav) as the apple ear phones fall out of my (turns out) small ears – particularly bad when I got for a walk – they fall out about 20 times in just as many minutes!

Until next time friendlikins!
love love Liz xo

P.S. I now realise why I hadn’t posted the last post… I hadn’t added the photos… will get onto that!

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