Friday, March 18, 2011

The Great Story Teller

Welcome friendlikins,

How are we all? Hope you’re fine and dandy : D.

So pretty much God is AMAZING and I just wanted to share with y’all how God has been working in my life over the last couple of weeks.

It all started when my doctor said, “if you don’t move out now, you’ll still be stuck at home sick and unable to work and study in 5 yrs time!” I then had the task of asking people who know me well, why I should move out and what would change if I did? This was a helpful process as it made me see the reality of my situation and that things had to change to break the cycle of - being stuck at home due to being sick and unable to work and study due to being sick and all because I’m stuck at home in an unhealthy environment. Talking to a few people about this helped me to see that people understood my situation and were willing to help me out and helped me to make things more concrete in my mind, so that I could have the confidence to make the changes – as difficult as they may be.

So here I am on the other side of the uncertainty and trusting God with my future, remembering that he knows and does what’s best for me and his glory. I find myself now in the home of a generous brother and sister in Christ who just want me to get healthy. God has been soo good – even in just the first week my health has improved significantly, I’m full of joy and energy, I’m working a few days a week as a nanny, I’m more committed to God in prayer and bible reading, and God blessed me and my brothers and sisters at EC with an AWESOME wkend away in the loveliness of Springwood – full of faithful and life changing preaching, conversations that build up, tasty food and good ol bonding time (which may have involved 3 hours of jungle speed…), bush walk, swim, feeding chickens, a crazy game of tennis, trampoline fun times and even a tad bit of limbo.

God is a great story teller – and I want to share with you the story he is writing me into. So I shall be sharing what God is teaching me through his word and other great books and how God is working in my life, writing his unique story.

dug down deep

Just last night, OK… in the wee hours of the morning, I finally finished Dug Down Deep by Joshua Harris – which makes it the first book that I’ve finished reading this year and the first of 12 in the book challenge. I shall share with you shortly the things which I have been learning, changing my perspective on, excited by, and just how darn AWESOME God is!

Until next time friendlikins!
love love Liz xo

P.S. Any ladies out there had a random food craving when not pregnant? I had one last night – carrot, cinnamon and sultanas… What do you think it means? Do you think you can interpret food cravings like dreams? Weird… I don’t even like sulatanas! I’m guessing this all came about due to the heart palps that were self-inflicted due to cocoa saturated chocolate cake… it was tasty… but kept me up til atleast 1am. You know, either that or the Holy Spirit has done on a Mary on me without giving me the low down…

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  1. Great book! We used it a bit on our last youth camp. Good to hear that moving out has been working well.