Monday, January 24, 2011

Eye spy with my little eye...

Hey there friends, how you doin? Hope all is fine and dandy. Just found this in my drafts : P from November last year! Hope you enjoy : D

So... it’s been a week since I’ve popped out to say hello. I just haven’t been feeling up to it. Do you have those days when you just don’t have the motivation or are just waay too exhausted? That’s been me for like the last month! But instead of being a slacker... here are a few shenanigans and thoughts of moi.

I’ve currently peeled my eyes away from reading the 7th Harry Potter book, in preparation for the movie which is coming out in exactly a weeks time!  Indeed I have not read it yet... this is due to my rebellion against reading the 6th and 7th when they came out as I heard that they were quite dark – I didn’t want them messing with my head.  (Not that I thought it would happen to me... but I had a friend who thought she was a witch... powers or no powers it’s still a worry!) Also I found that I would waste a whole entire day only reading HP, nothing else but HP... and thought that I should be using my time more wisely. And so I just stopped reading them – craziness to those who are within the walls of Hogwarts just reading this. I still think it unwise to read the whole day long, and so I’m breaking up my reading into smaller stints each night, hopefully to be complete before I set my eyes upon the moving pictures we like to call a movie... or for those who like to wear fancy pants, film. (No offence intended). And so I hope to enjoy watching the first of 2 installments of the HP saga, unlike the 6th movie which I had no idea what was going on! I wonder whether anyone will dress up? Back in high school I had friends who did so... kinda fun but mostly hilarious! Although... I did dress up as Hermione for Book Week in primary school – even had a suitcase a robe and a witch’s hat! Mostly I enjoyed the vintage suitcase, it was tre cool!

A few weeks ago my eyes were graced with the glory that is the new Sherlock Holmes show : D. Oh how delighted I was by this viewing pleasure! 3 mysteries in one uber show, the hilarities, the drama, the Snape-like resemblances Sherlock has?! (Maybe I’ve watched too many HP movies lately... hmm... the 5th of which I got to watch for free from these wonderful boxes called Big Red – fun times were had with Josie and homemade cold rock! AKA hokey pokey icecream, crunch choc and Starburst fruits lollies!) I’m having withdrawals from Sherlock... as it was the premier and won’t actually be on until 2011! : ( But supposedly it’s coming onto DVD the end of this year, so I know where some of my few moolahs will be going! Or maybe a B’day or CHRISTmas present...?? Hint hint, nudge nudge : P

Wow... my eyes have been really getting a work out! They have also seen the sculptures by the sea, for the second time – this time sans burnt shoulders, but did include fish’n’chips : ). Oh and this time there was a lovely sight to behold... a few whale tails popping up to wave hello from their oceany home! There were many awwws... and ohhh... to be heard from Bondi to Tamarama (Not Turramurra : P) 

Last weekend I got to check out the Balmain Art and Craft show, which had some pretty inspiring paintings along with some crafts to purchase at will. Since I am lacking in the moolahs, my eyes got the pleasure – but Josie bought some lovely handmade paper that was made with dried flowers in between layers of paper, for only $2.50! Score! Here are some pictures for your perusal : ).

Until next time,
Your friend Liz : )

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