Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Wedding adventures in the land of mystical round-a-bouts

One lovely Saturday morning Josie and I drove down to the land of round-a-bouts AKA Canberra for Kathy and Jeremy’s wedding – but this was no ordinary weekend of marriage delights... oh no this one packs a punch (pun intended – which you’ll get later on : P). All was well and good as we road tripped it down to the capital, listening to Josie’s selection of CD’s which included MXPX, some lady with a really high voice which was painful to listen to, some music which was enjoyable (which I now can’t remember – but I’m just glad she didn’t subject me to the High School Musical soundtrack – more on this with my beach mission post). When we had driven about half way – so about 1 ½ hours it started to absolutely bucket down to the point where we couldn’t see a thing and opted for stopping on the side of the road! It sounded magical, but not so safe for the whole driving thing.

We arrived just in time (without getting lost once!) to do last minute card writings and pre-church chats – all amazingly without getting wet! The processional music was very Kathy – instrumental to the core and the service was lovely with a few hymns sung and vows said, and sermon and hosting done by her very own clergymen brother, Josh.

 There was a lovely arvo tea of PUNCH, fruit and other nibblies. Josie and I had a joke about the punch, as we were drinking it all – it including something about being giants with huge twirly straws drinking all the punch : P I guess you had to be there... we thought it was hil-ar-ious! In fact we were laughing pretty much non-stop the whole weekend, it was GOLD : D.

On the way to the reception we came along this alien tower contraption : P

When Josie and I mysteriously found the reception and even had some free time for Tasmanian rainforest shenanigans – we jumped at the chance!

And there were major weather changes through out the day – which resulted in no rain for the reception which was perfect – particularly when Josie and my table was outside!

We had some lovely company on our table outside and even some lovely flowers too!

At the reception much food was eaten, many getting to know you convos with people you just met, lovely speeches (there were even some awww’s) and Kathy’s dad said a joke about Italian’s (as they are Italian). After all the fun and games Josie and I trotted off to the Dinale’s house (Kathy’s parentals) as we decided that this would be better than toughing it out in the possible storm in a tent! The Dinales’ were very hospitable and a huge blessing to sleep somewhere warm and safe – and actually sleep. The next morning greeted us with a very late breakfast, in fact it wasn’t even brunch when it’s 1pm – whatever it was the toasted sandwhich and mango smoothie was delscious!

On the way back to the car after our cafe adventures we passed the assembly point that we hoped to never use, and skipped our merry way back to the car : D (yes we really did skip! : P) It was a blessing and joy to know that God was in control of that weekend - seen in our lack of getting lost, and having such an AWESOME weekend!

Until next time friendlikins!
love love Liz xo
P.S. CHRISTmas, beach mission, sunsets, January fun times list and thoughts about weddings are still to come - so stay tuned!

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  1. both you and jo look stunning in these photos :)