Monday, January 10, 2011

2010 – 2011 catch ups

Normally my aunty comes over on CHRISTmas day but this year she came over a couple of days earlier for a few hours to have lunch and exchange presents. I got a desk planner - I was one happy chap : ) still am! CHRISTmas Eve off I trotted at 11pm to church, which was all mood lighting like in the dark to make it a bit spesh. It was good to reflect on the real meaning of CHRISTmas – the birth of Jesus and what it means for the God of the universe to come to earth as a human – quite awe inspiring! And for the actual day my fam went to my pops for a few hours for lunch and opening of thee presents - which was AMAZINGLY the first CHRISTmas I remember where I didn’t want to run out of the house screaming - it was actually quite enjoyable! The only thing is that I'm not sure how many more CHRIStmas's we will have at my pops, since he is 95! He’s a trooper my pop – only just giving up his liscence late last year and his car to me and my sis : ). Only just last year he gave up bowls – but he still plays the harmonica, sings in the choir, goes to Bible study and church and hangs out with all his friends at the retirement home. I kinda wonder whether I will live to that age... as I have a lot of things from my pop – like his height (I’m taller than both my parents), his blue eyes (my parents both have brown eyes and so does my sis), his pale skin (again parents and sis have olive) and also his anemia (which is lack of iron – which I take tablets for). I also have a great aunt who is 105! I met her for the first time on her 100th birthday when she had a big party as she had received the letter from the Queen! Pretty cool... At the party I found out that I have some distant relative who looks like a giant lepracorn! It made the party more interesting for me anyway – I thought it was hil-ar-ious! And do you know what’s AMAZING about my great aunty? She doesn’t even take any meds or vitamins or anything! She has lived most of her life not eating sugar, wheat and generally eating healthy – and it has done her well! I’ve been considering doing the same – but I have an addiction to sugar, I guess that’s the first step, to admit you have an addiction. Baby steps : P.

gift wrap - not only good for presents! : P

NYE I was at beach mission at the time in good ol South West Rocks and so for the mega section, which is the K-6 group we had a glow stick dance party, that was WICKED : P. So much fun dancing around like a loon and playing games like musical chairs and limbo! After watching some videos that the teens group had made we made our way to the beach where we made a camp fire and checked out the AWESOME stars! The annoying thing was that we were only 15 mins away from Gap beach where the stars are 10000 times better! I'm thinking of going up during the year to check them out – I’m thinking I’ll make a road trip of it : D. We later watched the fireworks on a screen and also watched some in South West Rocks let off in the car park by the river - and we had our own sparkler bomb too! Our sparkler bomb turned into what looked like molten lava : ).

Spent soo long trying to capture the sunrise - this doesn't do it justice!

Beach mission was great - the team worked really well together - real unity : ) and no one was left doing a job by themselves. We had decent numbers even when it would have been tempting for the kids and teens to be at the beach instead! And the new adults program went well too with plenty rocking up for a cheese and wine night, cut up and eat an animal night and life saving/first aid talk night - with one of the leaders sharing the gospel each night. And God really blessed me with sleep! Normally I only get like 4 hours sleep, but I got 7 or more! And AMAZINGLY I didn’t feel like I needed to sleep for the next week (although I did sleep in a whole lot : P).

And now this pretty much brings us all up to date with the goings on that are Liz’s life story – but soon to come are epiphanies of the year so far, some new year’s resolutions and some more fun stuff!

Until next time friendlikins!
love love Liz xo

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