Wednesday, January 5, 2011

2010 the year to get married

So pretty much all my friends and anyone my age (22) has been getting married or engaged and the like! Seriously EVERYONE! In fact I have a wedding tomorrow and on Saturday! C-razy! So I thought that I would share with you some pics from Bec’s Hens and her wedding and reception and a few from Kathy’s wedding and reception too : ).

Bec’s hen’s was in the fancy-pants land of the Hilton Hotel Zeta bar, where Bec donned a purple veil and the rest of us ladies wore a little something something on our noggins. We drank hecticly stron cocktails – I do believe that mine was called the Sanfransisco Smack! : P And it sure did pack a punch! (particularly for someone – me – who doesn’t normally drink. At $19 for the cheapest drink it would have killed me mentally and walletly if I drank anymore!) 

I admired the hefty unseen heights of the QVB.

The stain glass windows are quite majestic.

And gazed at thee magical stars within the infamous QVB CHRISTmas tree : ).

Bec’s wedding was lovely – she of course looked beautiful! 
Here’s a lovely blurry shot of the bridal party at church.

ahh the joys of iphone... : S

There was a splendid arvo tea (punch and mini cakes and what not) whilst many photos were taken. Then a few of us hang out at the pub til it was time for the reception. The venue was really lovely – it had a perty garden with beautiful pink flowers and equipped with a garden bench and everything! The drink of the night – strawberry dacery – mmmm : ).

Here’s the awesomely made wedding cake – made by both mothers of the newly weds!

The bridal party at the reception.

Here’s the prawn entree – being a fussy eater I didn’t like soo much of the food... so much bread was eaten and boys were made happy who got to eat my meals instead! : P

BUT there was no way the guys were going to eat my dessert, particularly when it comes off a dessert trolley and when I get to choose from like 15 cakes and choose choc mud! It was delish by the way num num...

Until next time friendlikins!
love love Liz xo
P.S. more wedding shenanigans coming in the matter of minutes!

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