Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Shenanigans at the Rocks

Hello friendlikins, long time no see! I’ve been out of town, how’ve you been? I thought we could catch up over a pot of tea whilst lazing around in the sun on a picnic blanket : ). We can catch up on all the things we still haven’t shared from 2010 –  like live music adventures, sky gazing, drinking intense cocktails, CHRISTmas, Beach Mission and New Year’s Eve - sounds like a plan!

One lovely Friday night my friendlikin Sam and I made our way to The Rocks for the markets were on but REALLY we were there to see the Parades play (who I had listened to that week by Sam’s request and absolutely loved – you should really check them out!). We had such an great night!

We watched a magical glass man.

We watched the Parades play not once but twice – 2 sets on the one night – for FREE! : D We were two very happy ladies indeed! When listening to Loserspeak in new tongue I could really picture the clip - AWESOME : D.

But I don’t think that we were the only ones to enjoy the parades – there was also this hippy lady getting her trippy hippy dance on, and even the clowns on giant bikes came to say hello!

Whilst we danced in our chairs we nommed on nutella crepes (well ok that was just me – reminiscing of the mighty good crepe I had on the beach of Nice), we BOTH nom nommed on sour rope lollies (tasting each one to figure out what flavour it was : P).

After all that awesome music, food and fun we made our way to Copenhagen (one of the yummiest icecream places!) 3 scoops later we made our way around Circular Quay but not before we bumped into one of the coolest CHRISTmas trees I have seen – made of bikes and trippy lighting!

We frolicked all the way around to the Opera House where we frolicked some more to some uber cool jazz music (well really it was a sax player doing his thing to some dance music with a singer too – tre cool, I do love thee live music!) We checked out the Harbour Bridge and also this blue wire car – as you do... and then I bumped into a bench real hard! Good thing it was a bench, as this aided for thee sitting down when I realised how much pain I was in! (oh gee hitting your shins hurts the mostest! OUCH!) But I didn’t really know what damage I had done until the arrival at Sam’s when I took off my red tights to reveal a bloody, swollen and bruised shin! I opted for shielding your eyes from that one (but if your’e feeling in the mood for some not so gorey gore you can check out my knee here)

The next morning we finished off our adventures with some crochet and a picnic in the yard : ).

Until next time friendlikins!
love love Liz xo

P.S. On the bus trip home talking to Sam I found out whilst surfing Youtube on thee phone that the drummer in the Parades, is the Jonathon Boulet - of which I love his songs Your'e a animal and A community service announcement! 

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