Friday, December 24, 2010

milk and sugar story launch

Ello ello there friendlikins! I’m soo very excited to share that milk and sugar story, my Etsy online business – selling all things handmade and vintage is up and running! : D There has been much organising, photo taking and uploading, setting up many social network sites and of course the crafting! But I’ll let the Etsy site do all the talking

Here’s a little something something that I have been making recently. It’s another iphone cover cross stitched (it’s my 4th!).

It’s getting close to CHRISTmas and my aunty normally comes over on the day but this year wer’e doing things differently. My aunty came over today for a bit of an early CHRISTmas, although we only exchanged aunty presents. We ate little spicy Indian somosa’s and the like, tandoori chicken, Vienneta icecream and waaay too many Ferrero Roche’s! Aunty Jenny received from me two handmade purple and pink mohair brooches, which she put on straight away : ). And I received with much joy a desk calendar where you write in all your happenings! I was quite excited as I’ve wanted one for a while, and now I have one to see the new year in! YAY : D

Here it is!

Do you get as excited about stationary as I do? I LOVE it! : D Which reminds me, if anyone knows where there is still stock of the frankie diary??? Please let me know!

I like to be organised, and I like to get lots done during the day so I have some sense of accomplishment – and so to enable this I have left a note on my door...

As I have been struggling to get up, and hence get anything done during the day (or for the afternoon for that matter!)

Do you notice random things? Like seeing things in movies other don’t see? Have you been noticing the beautiful, the funny, the unique things? I’ve noticed a few things lately. These include seeing a fire truck leave the station (I’ve never seen it before – you see them around, but never leave their hidey hole), a bus driver fully decked out in a santa outfit complete with tinselled up bus (I don’t like santa but this was AWESOME, I think it would bring cheer to the passengers and those who catch a glimpse like me!), on my kitchen sink I saw an ant carry another ant – drop it in some water and scurry off! I think we have murderous ants!, and lastly and possibly my favourite – I was just driving past a restaurant and there was a guy out the front fire twirling for a party!

Until next time friendlikins!
Love  love Liz xo

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