Friday, December 17, 2010

sunset love

Hello there, how's your day going? Are you enjoying the blue skies? Do you take time to check out the colours and shapes of the clouds? I sure do and I sure do love sunsets! Maybe you could get a picnic rug and something scrumptious to eat, lay down and see what shapes you can make? Did you do that as a kid? Here is some inspiration and hopefully motivation to check out the sky, these are only 2 sets!

You know what... i reckon God is pretty darn good at painting the sky!

pool reflection

I have more from my real camera... not just iphone, which will delight your eyes shortly : )

Oh and this is me on my birthday checking out my red tongue from drinking raspberry cruisers - I like to have red tongues whether a result from cruisers, slushies or anything really! : P

Until next time friendlikins!
love Liz xo

P.S. you may have noticed that the pictures have been marked with 'milk and sugar story' - this is the name of my etsy store! : )

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