Friday, December 17, 2010

22 things to do before I’m 23

So I’m getting kinda old and I want to make sure that I make the most of the next year, but thought I should make a more realistic list of things to do, my other list was a bit er... ridiculous! So I have taken some things from that list and added a few new things. Here’s to a good year ahead:

1.       Make a photo journal to document all these things
2.       Decorate doll house
3.       Design own clothing line
4.       Have a mother/daughter day
5.       Have a sister day
6.       Take more photos of my friends
7.       Learn how to use polaroid well
8.       Sell things on Etsy
9.       Move out with friends
10.   Blog post each day
11.   Finish wrap with love blanket
12.   Cook dinner once a week
13.   Grow my own vegies
14.   Read narnia series
15.   Read sherlock holmes series
16.   Bubble bath
17.   Camping
18.   Zumba class
19.   Write a poem
20.   Go to a roller derby
21.   Surf
22.   Write secret coded letters to friends

Until next time friendlikins!
Love liz xo


  1. im reading the narnia series at the moment =) pretty goood =) i could never get into it as a kid but im liking it now..

  2. Hey Jaselle, good to hear your'e getting into Narnia : ). Tis a good read - I've read up to 'The horse and his boy' but decided that I should start again from the beginning and get through the whole wonderful series! I wish you many Narnia adventures!
    Liz xo

  3. i can help with one of these!!! surf. come to wollongong and we can surf!!!

  4. YAY : D I'm totes up for that! Thanks Jen xx