Thursday, December 16, 2010

Stress and relaxation

Who knew starting your own business so close to Christmas, and my birthday and many weddings and beach mission would be soo stressful? Hmmm... so anyway I thought that I would share how I have been trying to keep sane, so here we go:

I spent a lovely morning at Kinokuniya (which I finally think I know how to say – or atleast feel more comfortable making an attempt to pronounce it!) checking out all the lovely books that teased me with their delightful pages of interior design, paper craft, drawing, sewing, knitting, crocheting and everything arty, crafty and designy! Oh and I can’t forget about the stationary section complete with vibrant envelopes, calligraphy pens, patterned paper and even wax seals! This was after a lovely chat with Jan over morning tea, I chose a choc milkshake whilst she chose a late and some kind of tart, which looked delish! Then we were off on a hunt for the AWESOME little crafty wool store on York St in the City, which has had many a name, the only one that I can remember being Morrison and Sons. There was a sale for up to 80% off, which was great as I bought some silk thread and also 100% Aus wool – which I have already used to whip some lovely things up, including...

These granny squares for a scarf – I really love the colours! (sorry about the crappy iphone pics, will make more of an effort to use good camera)

And this little house cross stitch iphone cover (the beginnings of one anyway!)

I have also been enjoying listening to the thunder rumble, watching Harry Potter the musical on Youtube (I'm up to this part, but stopped because that's where I'm up to in the book!), listening to the latest Relevant podcast on itunes (all whilst crafting of course – I do love to multi-task!) and also even a bit of Harry Potter reading (very nearly finished!).

But most of all I'm relaxed when I have spent time in God's word (Jame's at the mo) and committing all things to Him in prayer - who is my source of true joy and peace - praise be to Him!

Until next time friendlikins!
love Liz xo

P.S. Stay tuned because my etsy store is very much on its way! YAY : D

P.P.S. Maybe you would like to buy a little something something for your friends or family for CHRISTmas from my store?! I'll let you know the link as soon as it's up and running - fingers crossed tomorrow! YIKES!

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