Tuesday, December 14, 2010

B’day Fun Times!

Wow... so turns out I’m getting old... I’m 22! When you’re a kid you don’t really think about being older than 21, as 21 is the ULTIMATE! (maybe that was just me...) But in reality 21 wasn’t all that great, I didn’t even have a 21st! Plus I missed everyones 21st bar 2, one of which was my lovely friend Josie’s; where we had a lovely picnic by the water, followed by Glebe markets : ), and another one which was Kyrios’ which was a huge Greek party with many friends, family and even the zorba! The only thing is... maybe to your shock... I have more than 2 friends! And so I missed many a 21st due to illness. But God kept me content, because he’s good like that! : )

Anyways... so last Thursday was my birthday and here is how it panned out... I woke to Wakey Wakey’s 22 as my alarm at 7:15am as that is when I was born (but since I  haven’t been used to getting up at this time, I slept some more : P). I showered to my sister Naomi singing Happy Birthday to me, when she finally realised that it was, followed by the radio being thrust up at the door playing the song which goes “Happy Birthday to you, happy birthday...” (ok so it only makes sense when you hear the tune... just imagine some African American people singing and you’re pretty there!).

I smelt deliciousness coming from the kitchen, and mother dearest was making me honey pancakes (pancakes with honey instead of sugar), they weren’t the greatest recipe (mum likes to just whip stuff up by winging it), but they were delicious with the hazelnut and mango gelato that i smothered them with! Oh how I LOVE gelato... mmm... we had gelato instead of birthday cake. I had a pretty quiet day at home really... just had more gelato for lunch... didn’t receive any presents as Naomi hadn’t gotten me anything, although mother did give me some money (which I still haven’t figured out what I want to get – any ideas?).

But luckily I have some good friends in Sam and Beth, who took me to my fav place Newtown for Frappe’s at Citrus (which were delicious!), followed by checking out the pretty AWESOMELY designy stores of Monster Threads and Mag Nation! We ended our Newtown adventures with Nepalese for dinner at Sherpa’s Kitchen(?). But the fun times continued back at the lovely home of Beth and Sam with a picnic on the floor complete with vanilla, tiramisu, cookies and cream and jaffa cupcakes! Sam went to beddy bye’s after that, but Beth and I partied on with her watermelon and lychee with mint mocktails (I had to drive home) – which were AMAZING!

But wait there’s more! Monday when my friendlikin Josie had returned from her NTE and mission adventures, we had an uber early dinner of chicken stir fry and then made our way to the movies to finally watch Harry Potter! It was pretty magical... I haven’t finished the book but I’m nearly there. When we returned we got our Harry Potter youtube watching on! We watched the Harry Potter puppet pals ‘the mysterious ticking noise’, followed by the literal 7th Harry Potter movie trailer, and finished off with the Harry Potter musical – all of which are GOLD and HIL-ARIOUS! Seriously you should check them out!

Oh and here are some lovely things Josie got me for my birthday, other than paying for the movie ticket – soo generous!

These lovely button earings made by Jill Gunter, a friend of Josie’s – contact her at jillgunter@gmail.com

And these beautiful roses! I do LOVE flowers : )

God has been soo generous to me, and I'm soo thankful that he has grown me, provided for me and blessed me with lovely friends, fun times and pretty things and also that he will continue to transform me in the years to come!

Until next time friendlikins!
Liz xo

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