Friday, November 19, 2010

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It’s been such a lovely day and just one of those days where I just can’t stop smiling : D. I’m not sure why... but I’m loving it! This is all despite sleeping from 3am to 11 am... hmmm... And it reminded me of this verse: Psalm 118:24 “This is the day that the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it!” 

I had the pleasure of chatting to Morgs, one of the ministers about my baptism this weekend – sharing about our love for Jesus, how we got to know him, and how great he is, all whilst drinking freshly squeezed OJ : ). I shall share my testimony in posts to come!

Then I got to share in the celebrations of Jen’s B’day with Ris @ T2, where we sipped our fancy pants/deliscious tea and/or baklava (which I opted out of... one of the very few sweets I don’t like). We had intriguing conversations which may have made the staff and all those who heard blush... but we’ll keep that our secret. SShhh... But I can tell you that the Melbourne Breakfast with it’s vanillary goodness is delish, particularly when you get to put sugar cubes in! Do you remember sugar cubes? I sure do! I LOVED their cubey goodness as a kid, but you don’t seem to see them around these days now... I wonder why... maybe they no longer have the magical machines which make them soo geometrically deliscious...? I think that MUST be it, because the “cubes” at T2 weren’t actually soo cube like... they were more like lumps...

So in good fashion, as you do, we made our little selves after we had num nummed, into the stationery delights of Kikki K and then made our way into Borders where we checked out... you guessed it! More stationary : D Oh how I enjoy it so... and then we actually checked out some books. I just ordered The Sewing Book tonight, and I save $20 wooo! Oh, and I found one of the coolest things that is in Borders right now... and its the... bah bah bah (dramatic huh? : P) the Capsule Letter!!! I WANT one! They are tre cool. Well in my eyes they are... yes I may be a nerd... I enjoy electronics... board games... granny crafts... secret passageways... and now the capsule letter! A few years ago during Yr 13 @ Youthworks I created my own secret letter sending, with the aid of kinder surprise containers : D. I’m going to see whether I still have... I’ll go check now : P. Hmmm... disappointing I couldn’t find it where I thought that it would be, that is within my shoe box of cool stuff from when I was a kid, and not so much a kid... Would you like to see what’s in my box? Maybe I could share the treasures and the memories? Yes, I think that’s a good idea... Oh dear now I’m talking to myself! Do you do that? I do it a fair bit... particularly when I’m in the car by myself... actually pretty much anywhere! And so I can keep just a little of my sanity, please do send me a comment. That would be lovely. I would enjoy that : ).

Mmmm... thinking about cars... I was stuck in a WHOLE lot of traffic today and was at a set a lights tapping away to a song, maybe even doing a bit of a gig : P when I noticed that pretty much all the cars waiting at the lights in the opposite direction were all white or silver. And so I took a pic – here it is...

Weird huh...? When did this happen? When did safety or what I like to call lack of imagination/fun take over? Where is the colour?! White and silver, boring...! And it got me thinking about the cars I would like to see : ) such as 50’s Holdens and the ones with what I like to call wings : P

Mmmm... yes, that would be much better! : D

I thought I would share some music that I’ve been into of recent, so here it goes!
This evening I pretty much have this one on replay... Oh so GOOD! Freelance Whales: ‘Generator 2nd Floor’ – Amazing!
Kyu, particularly ‘Pixiphony’ for some lovely easy listening with a twist. Who are playing at the oxford art factory tonight!!! Love the mural art there : )

 And also some Sally ‘Dream about changing’
Then there is one of my old favs who have gotten pretty big now, and that is The Middle East! I met them at Blackstump music festival a few years back after their surreal gig. They were so humble and had brought hardly any CD’s to sell, which obviously sold like hot cakes, because they are awesome! And so now they have the very talented Mike from Sounds Like Chicken (my fav ska band!) is their drummer, yay : ). And so you should check out The darkest side, Blood, and Fool’s Gold!
The last and most newbie to me is the song ‘Sisu’ by Josh Garrels, which I heard on the Relevant Podcast (check it out on itunes if you haven’t already! Seriously, go do it now!). The lyrics are amazing... wish I could share them.... I shall see if I can find them for you! In the meantime, have a listen : ). Oh and Sisu means stubborn in Finish FIY.

Until next time,
Your friend Liz : )

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