Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Good and perfect gift

Wow... I am wide awake! Might have something to do with not being up for 12 hours yet... hmmm... And so I have the energy to bring you the next instalment AKA post, yay : ), that is unless I pass out from the smoke fumes that are filling my room! The coil is supposed to smoke the mozzies out, not me! Actually already feeling drowsy... I’ll have to type fast! 

Ok, so the first thing I would like to share with you is this photo I took of the sunset – you may have noticed by now that I enjoy the many wonders of the sky and things in nature like flowers and what not. They make me smile : ) because I can see God’s creativity in the vast variety, his care in providing food and water, and his power in keeping everything in its right place like keeping the stars far away so we don’t shrivel up and die! Oh so pretty from far away... Have you ever seen soo many stars that you feel like you could just pluck one out of the sky? When the milkyway actually looks creamy white and chunky with stars, just like the chocolate bar (minus the stars)? Have you seen shooting stars, just like God is putting on his very own fireworks show? If you haven’t, stop now and have a look outside, stop what youre doing and take a peep into the vastness out there. And in the holidays plan a trip to somewhere nice and remote where there isn’t much light pollution – so away from the city peeps!  - and lay down on the grass and have a gaze into the amazingness that God has created. He has truly blessed us with soo many great things : ).

 “All people are like grass,
   and all their glory is like the flowers of the field;
the grass withers and the flowers fall,
 but the word of the Lord endures forever.” (1 Peter 1:24)

Tonight at bible study we were looking at the important of reading the Bible, and it has fired me up! I’m pumped for reading the truth, for reading God’s word which is everlasting, that doesn’t change, that saves! And so now, like a newborn baby I’m going to desire to have more of the perspective to be dependent on God’s word, to read it each day for survival – and not just to read it but to think about it, study it, share it and to strive to put it into practice and to remember it throughout the day. At the moment I’m reading from the book of James, with the help of Dickson with Vital Signs and it has been great! This morning I read James 1:16-18, and it was a good reminder that all things are from God, he provides all that I need, and so I cannot boast. It’s very humbling and it’s a great reminder of how generous God is!

Until next time,
Your friend Liz : )

P.S. I’m getting baptised this weekend : D
P.P.S. I’m starting my own business, so stay tuned!

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