Monday, November 1, 2010

Rain = crochet + read

Well, it’s been quite some time since I’ve popped my head up to say hello, HELLO : ). I’ve had computer issues, including a black out! What have you been up to since last time? I’m currently house sitting, which has been great! I’ve been watching way too many dvds... the other day I watched The Bourne Identity and Supremacy – I’d forgotten how good they are! It’s been nice to have time to relax and think and chill out with some tea, a good book or a magazine : ). Do you like to read? Have you always wanted to be in a bookclub? Me too! And so I joined one about a month ago : ). My bookclub has finished reading Battles Christians Face, I have not yet... but I will eventually! We have now started reading Counterfeit Gods by Timothy Keller, which is about love, money and power. I’ve just read the introduction so far, and so far it’s been a good read. I have quite high hopes for this book, as Keller’s The Prodigal God – was part of a life change that’s been happening, tre exciting!

What magazines are you into? I LOVE frankie magazine : ) I find it really inspirational for my crafting! The pages are filled with cute and kitschy pics oozing with funky designers in all their glory, teasing me with their creations! A few weeks ago I learnt how to crochet granny squares from thee AWESOME crafty book Meet me at Mikes by Pip Lincolne, who also has a blog which I LOVE to read : ). She is one crafty lady, and not in the sinister kind of way : P. The granny squares are slowly morphing their way into scarves! The only problem is that with all my trips to Spotlight to get wool, they are now out of stock! Could have something to do with my weekly visits... hmm... and so I think I may have to go straight to the source and order online. I do love to receive packages in the mail! Which reminds me... note to self, send letters to my friendlikins.

Wow... there’s been pretty much torrential rain coming down for the last 5 hours! I’m starting to think there might be a flood! And I really hope and pray it’s going into the catchment areas and out to the farmers, that would be a huge blessing. God is so generous, providing all we need and even the things we don’t... like the sound and smell of rain – I LOVE it! Such a blessing to have ears to hear, and eyes and see, and a nose to smell, fingers to touch, and a tongue to taste. God could have made everything yellow, sound like nails on a chalk board, taste and smell like melted cheese and feel like itchy wool – all of which I hate, so I’m glad He didn’t! : D I’m so thankful for the variety and choices I have. Most of all it’s a privilege to be a part of God’s family, knowing God and sharing a meaningful and purpose filled life with others who LOVE Jesus too. 

Until next time, (hopefully tomorrow, if the laptop holds out)
Your friend Liz : )


  1. God is good! i do love the sound of rain on the roof when i'm tucked up in bed with a hot cup of coffee and a good book. i even like the exagerated sound of cars zooming passed when it's wet.