Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Dungog the place to be.

So now, we find ourselves continuing on this magical journal. The wedding of Sam + Jo in the mystical land of Dungog...

It all began arriving in a small town, with not soo small streets... Mother dearest and I went for a wonder and a gander through the main street peering in the small town windows, to see what they were offering the good people of Dungog. And here is what we found:

1. Sewing store

2. Antique store

3. Two fish ‘ n’ chip shops (they must really love fish...?)
4. A couple of pubs (and beer!)
5. A few nice cafe’s with funky furnishings

6. Post Office

7. Bank
8. And a few nice things here and there : )                                                             

When arising the next day, the fam and I found ourselves playing spot the gorgeous calves – one of the best games to play in the country during Spring (they get all the fun!) After turning down a particularly dirty and bumpy road (I do love the bumps, and I was driving : D), we were suddenly engulfed in what looked like a rainforest! It was truly where elves, and fairies and all the mystical creatures would live. There was green everywhere! Vines, mighty trees, moss, creeks; it was an archway of awesome creation – revealing God’s splendour to the max! Truly awe inspiring... 

Then it was time for parking the car, which normally isn’t a task I’ve found difficult bar during my L’s... but this time I got to park on a pretty steep, muddy and rocky hill next to the bush and in between cars! It was achieved after many attempts, including many men to the rescue pushing the car when blogged in the mud! I’m just glad I didn’t turn them into mud pie before the wedding... I really don’t know how they stayed clean... mmm... mystery...

We were greeted with applause for finally parking the car : P by many people we didn’t know, but also my extended family! It was lovely to catch up with them, as we walked the half hour muddy and rocky path down through the bush... until we finally reached the waterhole in all its glory! Sam (my cousin) was standing on a rock in the waterhole, and all the fam and friends, we all stood on the creek bank/cliff waiting for his bride to be to make her way down. And Jo did so at 10:10 am on the 10/10/10, very much pregnant (6 months!) with twins! Jo’s a real trooper getting down that rocky path, but that was easy compared to what lay ahead of her! Beautiful Jo and her lovely flower girls made their way through the bush, with the sounds of two drums (one played with a birds wing! C-razy! Right?!). And then came the real challenge... How to get a pregnant bride through the water, over slippery slippery rocks, without getting soaked or injured? That’s when the men jumped in to the rescue again, and helped the bride to be and flower girls across the water – but the men didn’t stay so dry... : P

The service was very different to what I’m used to... there were a couple of poems read and the vows and personal vows were said, and oddly enough creek water was drunk... There was a time to listen to the water flowing by and the sounds of creation which we were surrounded by. God has soo greatly blessed us with many beautiful things to enjoy – we just need to take a moment to wait, to look, to listen, and be silent.
And then onwards and upwards we made our way back, out of our muddy, boggy park, through the great beautiful forest, down a few dirt roads and then up one to the reception at Sam + Jo’s place. We ate Huri Krishna food for lunch, and danced around to music played from records, in a shed Sam had made! It was quite an experience, with quite an interesting bunch of people!

Until tomorrow,
Your friend Liz : )


  1. Wow Liz its really nice to hear your side of our wedding experience! Your blog is lovely. It was one of the most amazing days of my life! Thanks for being there! xJo

  2. hi Liz , Great BLOG. Best I've ever seen. Actually also the first. But don't take that the wrong way I thought it was a magnificent read, I really enjoyed it. it was interesting what you were saying about taking the time to look and listen and notice the beauty that surrounds us. That's what I'm trying to get the students that I work with at the Outdoor Education Centre to do.I think it's a really worthwhile thing for people's happiness and to get the most out of their life. It's good for them and it spreads to other people and so it's also good for the environment because people appreciate the beauty of nature and then look after it, while enriching their own soul. Love from Sam

  3. Jo: Hello, I'm glad you found it insightful : P. Thanks for letting me be apart of your special day : D. xx

    Sam: Ello ello, thanks Sam! : P Wow magnificant... Oh cool, I had no idea that you worked for an outdoor ed centre - I wanted to work for a Youthworks Bible College Outdoor Ed Centre... It would be a fulfilling job teaching the kids and hanging out in the bush : ). We can see soo much of God's power and beauty in nature. love love