Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Long time no speaky!

Oh dear... Long time no see, huh?! Sorry friendlikins! I have had a few peeps wondering what’s the low down... and so that low down is that I have been a bit under the weather (i.e. Uber tired and uber not so well)... hence the lack of sharing of good times and what not. But since I’m pretty much always under the weather I have decided that I will get my mojo on, and start sharing with you all daily. Yay! So fingers crossed no more lazy sod!

So where did we last leave off? Ah yes... well I haven’t cleaned the bathroom yet! Do you get distracted and lack motivation to do chores too? Yeh, me too! : P Oh, and nor have I checked the list... hmmm... I’ve got to kick my butt into action! But I have just had too much fun going away for 3 weeks in a row! So the first one... being the Oct. Long weekend away in Berrarra, which was followed by...

Dungog! Where’s this place you speak of? Oh and why would you go to such a place? (I hear you say) Good question! Dungog is situated at 4 hrs North West of Sydney, and is seriously one of the most beautiful places I have been! I was in this lovely land for my cousin Sam’s wedding, to his now lovely wife Jo. It was truly an amazing experience! : D. 

Here are just a few snippets for now... don't worry, there will be more tomorrow! 

1. Road to deeper forest on the way to wedding.
2. Marriage on a rock in a waterhole.
3. The wedding truck?!
4. Good ol' country ho-down in a shed.

1. The bride and groom.
2. Home made wedding cake.
3. Beautiful cake deco.
4. Lego bride and groom : P

1. Cake knife.
2. Country Grub.
3. C-razy wide road in Dungog!
4. Country road - great for playing spot the calf : )

Just a bit of a teaser!

Until tomorrow,
Your friend Liz : )

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