Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Bee-autiful Day!

Wow! What a beautiful day : D. (Psalm 118:24) “This is the day the LORD has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it.” Blue sky, the birds are singing their chipper little songs, and the give away that its spring are all the bees that are infestating (its fun to make up words hehe) my house!

These are some pics from the rescue missions I was on even before I had eaten anything! (Although probably serves me right for getting up at lunch time...)

Athos captured in my room. Gotcha!

And his cheeky friend Porthos in my sisters room!

And Aramis the first of the 3 musketeers was in the bathroom, and I let him leave by his own means. (e.g through the window)

As you can see from my lovely blurry pics – lets call its arty – that ive done the whole ‘capture the culprit in the glass and slide a mag under trick’. How do you retrieve the creatures which have come on to say hello? Any c-razy stories?

I have a headache like a might bazooka! It might have something to do with when i slept... hmmm... what do you think? Me thinks yes. It’s really not good to wake up straight out of a deep sleep. I havent even been able to enjoy the warmth of the sun : ( silly head.

This makes me feel a bit better. This is the photo for ‘day one’ of the 365project : ).

Until tomorrow,
your friend Liz : )

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