Wednesday, September 15, 2010


I LOVE making lists! Do you? I write at least 2 a day, and I’m constantly ticking things off that I’ve done, or assigning a task to a time or day in the future. I like to write them on post it notes and stick them on my desk, type them into one note on my laptop, and tap (?) them into my new fandangled iphone 4! (ahh the joys of upgrading...)Why the excitement? Well, for one you should try it! It’s great to get all your ideas down instead of them racing around in your head (one thing I was reminded of when reading ‘How to get things done’ By David Allen), and I find it good to have a list so that I actually know what I’m doing, so I don’t get to the end of the day and realise I haven’t done anything! (at least nothing productive – it’s funny how you can go through a whole day and not do anything!)

Which brings me to the reason why I have decided to make a bit of a goals list/bucket list. This year has been the healthiest I’ve been in a long time – well relatively so... I’ve been out of the house which has been a nice change : P. And yes I have been pretty much living under a rock, but that’s what sickness does to you – makes you isolated from the world out there, so full of opportunities and experiences... And so now that I have come out of the darkness of my rock (bedroom), I can now explore all the lovely experiences the world has to offer! : D Please do share your lists and goals!

And so here is my list, so far (in no particular order)...

1. - take a photo every day
2. - write every day
3. Grow in skills to draw – at least an hour a wk
4. Paint– at least an hour a wk
5. Knit– at least an hour a wk
6. Embroider– at least an hour a wk
7. Crotchet– at least an hour a wk
8. Sew clothes– at least an hour a wk
9. Sell creations on Etsy - 2011
10. Knit for wrap with love– at least an hour a wk
11. Make people presents – Birthday's, Christmas and just for fun
12. Washing up - each day
13. Cook dinner - once a week
14. Learn to speak Italian fluently
15. Read the newspaper – 10 mins a day
16. Think about things that matter
17. Be active about things that matter
18. Study at SMBC
19. Start multimedia group at church – up and running by end of 2010
20. Sell things I make at market
21. Sell paintings at cafes
22. Start market + cafe @ church
23. Pray more
24. Be generous
25. Engross myself in God’s word
26. Be completely satisfied in God
27. Grow my own vegies
28. Bake more recipes
29. Be more environmentally friendly
30. Seek to serve others
31. Read – atleast ½ hr each day
32. Use art to communicate what I’m thinking and get people to think about it too.
33. See a sunrise or sunset – at least once a week
34. Smell the flowers in the garden – once a week
35. Plant a tree
36. Sponsor a child
37. Run a fundraiser
38. Do the 40 hr famine
39. Community courses on all things art + craft
40. Work at art supply store
41. Work experience with artists/designers/crafters
42. Write a poem
43. Learn to play guitar more
44. Listen more to the lyrics of songs
45. MTS
46. Mentor project at primary school
47. Micah challenge
48. Compassion
49. Oaktree
50. Zumba classes
51. City2 surf – 2011
52. 3 litres of water
53. Spend more time with family
54. Play board games
55. Go camping
56. See shooting stars
57. Go to a roller derby
58. Write letters and post them
59. Do something fun/silly/random/spontaneous/laugh at my self
60. Take singing lessons
61. Learn to play the piano well
62. Surf
63. Go hiking in New Zealand
64. Do the splits
65. Have a white Christmas
66. Go to New York
67. Have another snow fight
68. Bring someone to Christ
69. Go to Luna park
70. Go to great barrier reef
71. Do Queensland theme parks
72. Road trip in aus
73. Read all the books on my bookshelf
74. bubble baths
75. Learn how to do massage well
76. Go snow tobogganing
77. Go book cafes
78. Go to art galleries
79. Take time to see God’s beauty/character in his creation
80. Know bible well – memorise passages

I’m really excited about all the changes that God is making in my life regarding study, work, friends, family and my relationship with him. I can’t wait to grow in my skills and learn new ones, and experience all that God has planned me to do! I want to be working hard for the Lord, in whatever shape that ends up being (Col. 3:23). I’m thankful for the many ways that he has blessed me in Jesus, and for all the things that he has taught me and will teach me. I’m a bit nervous not knowing what my future holds, because I like to be in control like with all my list making and what not. But I know that ultimately God is in control and he knows and does what’s best for me. Trusting in Jesus is costly, but not as costly as not following him.

Wow... definitely time for bed! I wonder whether i’ll be dreaming tonight...? Stay tuned!

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Until tomorrow,
Your friend Liz : )

P.S already tomorrow! So later today then? It's a date! : P


  1. Liz! I'll totally do #72 with you when I'm back in Aus!

  2. Hey Annie!
    Yay : D sounds like a plan!