Saturday, March 8, 2014

{instagram photo a day}

hello lovely friendlikins!

how are you this fine + dandy sunshiney day? hope all is well! what's been happening in your neck of the woods? we've had lots happening our end, with getting tommy ready to go to america for SXSW {south by south west} a music convention + gig for upcoming bands. i drove him + jon {the bassist} to the airport yesterday + now they're in LA for a gig {playing for thief} + then off to austin texas! on top of getting passports + luggage packed + all the craziness of going overseas, i've been SUPER sick for over a month now + we are MOVING!

hence, my lack of posts over here. also my phone was sad + we had to do a factory re-set, which meant that i lost all my december + january photo a day photos from my phone! but it's OK, you can always check them out on my instagram.

and here are february's photo adventures:


day 1. {you}

post party snap.

day 2. {favourite}

tommy - looking swish!

day 3. {something orange}

painted my nails

day 4. {childhood}

dress up times - nannying

day 5. {square}

granny square - trying variations.

day 6. {c is for...}

cartoon characters - johnny bravo + josie from josie + the pussycats {b'day party}

day 8. {water}

balmoral - church community day adventures!

day 9. {details}

cross-stitching up a storm!

day 10. {i am...}

actually quite scared of heights!

day 12. {out + about}

adventures in newcastle!

day 13. {perfect}

balmoral - church community day - God's creation

day 16. {create}

i like to match my nails with the crafty project i'm working on - haha

day 19. {feet}

pretty toes after a pedicure!

day 23. {this is where i relax!}

our loft bed in the morning sunshine

day 24. {half}

katie + my other half {matt + tommy - our hubbies!}

day 26. {light}

newcastle adventures - fish'n'chips at scotty's for dinner

day 27. {my view today}

newcastle adventures - beautiful views whilst we nom on pizza for lunch!

february has been mighty fine, with adventures to newcastle, painting my nails, church community day to balmoral, a dress up birthday party, stitching, crocheting, nannying + gigs! how was your february? i hope it was delicious! 

would you like to join in the photo challenge good times? here's the list for march:



love love

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