Thursday, February 20, 2014

{dream home}

{floor plan}

birds eye view

floor plan

hello lovely friendlikins!

hope all is dandy! do you remember a while ago i was sharing about how tommy + i want to buy some cheap land + build our own home, so we can live off grid + mostly bills free? well, here is a house plan of the first level + a rough idea of the garden {sans actual garden to grow food}. you can find out more about our dream home plans here.

everything is pretty self-explanatory, except the main bedroom + ensuite are upstairs with my studio + the guest bedroom is downstairs.

i had a lot of fun making the floor plans + decorating the house! it was great to get the ideas out of my head - like a visual brainstorm or moodboard. although this isn't to scale, it's a rough idea of what i'd like to build.

now for the saving, waiting + praying!

love love

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