Friday, December 20, 2013

{lizzie's life lately}


hello lovely friendlikins!

how are you this hot + toasty day? hope your'e staying cool by the pool or staying inside where there's air-con to avoid the traumatisation of skin cells like i am! how's your december been so far? have you been making the most of the sunshine? are you all partied out yet? do you have holiday plans? or thoughts of spontaneous adventures?!

my december has been looking a lil like this:

* i've been making + wrapping CHRISTmas presents!

* celebrating my 25th birthday with free boost, a new kikki k pen, mexican for lunch, and an evening of diy hand painted jewellery courtesy of my wonderful hubby!

* there's been 2014 planner prepping, for an organised + productive new year!

* tommy + i have enjoyed taking waffle the puppy for a walk + introducing him to bumble + moose our cats!

* i've been enjoying the blue skies + pretty flowers everywhere!

* i did a big de-clutter of one of our rooms - it feels so good to get rid of junk!

* spending time with family - enjoying meals, fun times + snuggles with munchkins!

* there was barney's 21st birthday party, with 21 cakes!

* my friendlikins brad + marissa had their wedding! {so exciting!}

* i've been watching series 7 of dr who, started watching torchwood, and watching more new girl!

* swimming in the pool!

* reading the jane austen book club by karen joy fowler

* searching for a more affordable place to live!

* babysitting tonight for a lovely family!

* and heading up to newcastle tomorrow for CHRISTmas with tommy's family!

i'm looking forward to the CHRISTmas eve service at my church, CHRISTmas day + celebrating the reason for the season - JESUS! i'm hoping we can go on some bush + beach adventures + a road trip here and there and enjoy all the good things we've been blessed with!

merry CHRISTmas lovely friendlikins!

hope you have a safe + joyful holiday!

love love

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