Tuesday, October 8, 2013



hello lovely friendlikins!

how are you this glorious day? hope all is swell! today i thought i would share some exciting news! my hubby plays drums for this talented artist called thief, {initially thief urban, but people kept on getting it mixed up with keith urban!}. it all started when pj bought a synthesizer. he was just playing + ended up putting a track on triple j unearthed. he started getting awesome reviews + plays initially on triple j unearthed but then moved on to also being played on triple j! they've played a couple of gigs - their first being upstairs at the beresford hotel in surry hills and the second at oxford art factory late last year. if you like justin timberlake and d'angelo, then you'll probably enjoy the funky/r'n'b/electro grooves of thief! only a few weeks ago, they released their first single 'broken boy,' on september 6th! i'm so excited for them to start gigging again + to see where it leads the boys! i just hope i can tag along with them!

you can check thief out here:

band camp

triple j unearthed


hope to see you at a thief gig friendlikins!

love love

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