Thursday, October 3, 2013

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hello lovely friendlikins!

how are we all? hope your'e fine + dandy! have your days been full of crafty shenanigans? i know mine are! i'm working on the quilt for tommy + i {as you may know if you follow me on instagram}. i'm teaching tommy how to sew {we're making him a hoody covered in ducks!}. i've also started a spontaneous, make it up as i go along cross-stitch design which i think will eventually be on our wall!

i always seem to hear: 'oh wow, what are you making?!', 'yeah, i like to craft - well i used to, i just don't have time now'...

the thing is - we all have the same amount of time. it all comes down to how we choose to use it! if you want to get your wool + knitting needles out - pencil in time to do it! if you want to learn a new skill, make a plan, follow the steps + wallah - you've learnt something new!

for a very long time, i had been wanting to learn how to quilt. i didn't know anyone who did so, so i stuck with crochet + knit + all my other crafty shenanigans! but a couple of years ago, when i met my soon to be mother-in-law becky {aka nonna}, who is the quilting queen - i knew i would finally learn how to quilt.

i bought a whole pile of lovely fabric, had mini lessons from nonna + had a vast resource of quilting books to learn from too! there's something really special about learning skills from our loved ones. passing down knowledge from one generation to the next. i'm looking forward to passing what i've learnt on to friends, and one day our children.

ahh, quilting. as you can see,  i LOVE it! so many pretty colours + patterns + designs + fun times! i've been hand sewing the quilt, so it's taking a while... but i knew it would + i enjoy the slow nature of it. i also like being able to take the section i'm working on wherever i'm going, instead of being glued to the sewing machine.

how pretty are the quilts above?! so lovely + special + something to be passed down for generations.

well, friendlikins, i hope you feel inspired to learn something new, to make the most of the time the LORD has given us + to take things a bit slower.

love love

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