Monday, October 28, 2013

{lizzie's life lately}

{october edition}

you should look into Jesus {link}

hello lovely friendlikins!

oh me, oh my! it's nearly the end of october! hope your'e fine + dandy : ) there is so much that happens in life. it can be AMAZING + it can be very DARK, but in it all, even the mundane, God is there loving us with his unfailing love. he's GOOD like that!

here are my thoughts + the hippy hap {aka what's been happening}:

* christmas decorations are popping up in stores.

* i would really like to have a big 25th birthday party but not sure if that can happen with no moolahs...

* i'm wondering what to put on my birthday/CHRISTmas wishlist - even just for funzies!

* tommy hacked 3 inches off the ends of my hair!

* tommy shaved his beard - and i can't wait for it to grow back! {it's only the third time i've seen him beardless + it's all spikey!}

* we're nearly finished making tommy's duck hoody {only the cuffs to go!}

* i've been SUPER dehydrated for over a month now, i do believe...

* i've been doing better in the heat than i have in the past {i get all dizzy - i think i'm allergic to the sun!}

* there are bush fires left, right and centre.

* i'm guessing it's going to be a scorcher this summer!

* i'm so thankful to have aircon + a pool + a lovely cabin full of space, sunshine + fresh air!

* last saturday, with a couple of couples, tommy + i watched a dvd on marriage.

* i washed the couch covers yesterday

* i entered a few competitions to win a car - eeeep!

* i'm trying to make the most of the time the LORD has provided!

* i'm wondering if i'm going to be able to achieve all the goals on the 52 things before 25 list.

* i reckon tomorrow will be a great day to get back on the bike.

* i'm looking forward to having morning tea with my mum tomorrow at my favourite cafe!

* i'm really excited for thief to start having gigs!

* i'm looking forward to hearing thief's ep!

* i've been enjoying lovely snuggly cuddles from moose

* i'd really like to organise our studio {but that requires money...}

* i've been working on new products for my etsy store biz milk + sugar story!

* i need to make a light box thing to take photos of my products

* we've been watching alias

* and listening to interesting times by terry pratchett

* i ate cake for breakfast!

what have you lovely friendlikins been up to? what have you been thinking about of late? are you getting organised for CHRISTmas already? i've been thinking about how i probably should be, as i will have many many handmade gifts to make! speaking of which, you should check out my etsy store + pick up some pressies for your friends + fam : ) that would be dandy!

wishing you a JOYFUL OCTOBER!

love love

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