Tuesday, October 29, 2013

{i LOVE...}

{birthday/CHRISTmas wish list}

hello lovely friendlikins!

how are you? how are you REALLY doing? are you well? are you stressed? sick? over-the-moon?! today i am feeling pretty meh... i have a cold, i'm still SUPER dehydrated + other unpleasant lady times. how do you deal with meh times? do you get all cranky + whingey + sad? or do you pretend your'e not feeling meh + pretend your'e super woman instead?! i must admit there are times that i have been both, sometimes all on the same day!

this is how i'm tackling meh times today:

* i started the morning reading God's word + in prayer {asking for healing + strength + perspective}

* listening to this song over + over again {it makes me happy!}

* i had a nap + snuggle with the kitties

* drinking yummy milo

* staying in my pj's

* showering {feeling all clean + fresh + lovely}

* i'll do some crocheting

* drink LOTS of water!

* get some non-taxing things done on my to do list

* making my birthday/CHRISTmas wish list {i seem to have a thing for vintage teal things!}

the plan is basically to rest + do nice things + be productive but most of all to find my strength in Jesus, and do all things for His glory! what or who do you find your strength in? does it get you through tough days + meh times? Jesus has gotten me through the worst of worst times! He's GOOD like that : )

have you thought about what you'd like for CHRISTmas? or is it too far away? or are we wish list twins? did you know that there are 65 days til the end of the year? CRAY!

drop in again soon, lovelies!

love love

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