Monday, October 14, 2013

{lizzie's life lately}

{blackstump - flashback to 2012}

jon played in a hardcore band last year - he had fun jumping all over the stage!

tommy had fun snapping up arty gig shots!

2012 was a chilly year!

hello : )

yeah, that's right - i got a purple glitter unicorn tattoo! 

{above photo's taken by tom wright - my beautiful hubby}

{below are curtesy of my instagram}

2012 was a rainy year

baptist donuts are cinnamon circles of deliciousness!

we yarn bombed a tree!

the big top - sunshiney last day!

still haven't gotten that film developed - will share when i do!

{blackstump 2013}

it was pretty toasty, but cooled down at night.

jazz night at the supper club was the place to be!

we spent a chunk of the day just chillin' catching up with friends old + new!

vintage bike - just some of the awesome stump decor!

first time wearing a dress to stump!

when i have nothing to craft - i take pics of pretty things!

handmade friendship bracelet from the lovely sarah!

 hello lovely friendlikins!

how crazy is this weather?! yesterday we were melting + today we're getting the woollens out of storage! is it summer or winter...? hang on, it's SPRING! and one of my favourite things to do in spring, whether rain, hail or shine, is to be at blackstump! {did you like that smooth segway? haha}

what is blackstump, you say? it's most certainly not the restaurant. it's a christian music + arts festival which makes an appearance each year in the good ol' cataract park in appin, nsw. on the october long weekend, we camp in tents, listen to lots of awesome christian music, teachings, workshops, bible studies, eat delicious donuts and wood fired pizza. there are stalls selling clothes + charities making us aware of what's going on in the world. i LOVE stump, and i think this year was my 8th or 9th year! back in the day, i would go into all the mosh pits + skank pits {not what you think - it's how you dance to ska music}, with no shoes on, as they would just fall off. i would end up battered + bruised, with broken nails + generally quite grubby - but blackstump was the highlight of my year!

stump has always been a good place to catch up with old friends + to meet new ones too! everyone is generally happy to hang out + play hacky sack or stomp or have a mud fight with complete strangers - it's AWESOME! unfortunately the numbers are dropping + so are the bands. we need both to keep stump going!! some of my favourite bands i discovered at stump or would play at stump.

here are just a few:

sounds like chicken

crying out loud

grace note

the middle east

tiger town


san salvador

stump is changing with the times. gone are the days when stump was filled with mohawks + piercings + general punky awesomeness! now it's more folky + indie + jazzy - which is great, it's just different. it would be great to see more bands signing up for next year + that you guys would get pumped for stump next year! let's make it a doozey!

this year it was lovely to catch up with our friend chee, who's studying in tasmania + to meet all his lovely lady friends. we spent our time nomming on donuts, enjoying the hilarity that is the hoarsemen of the apocolypse + listening to jazz music. tom, andy + i just went up for the day this year - normally i'm there from the friday afternoon til monday lunch time. but it turned out to work well, we were tired. we're not young like we used to be!

you should check out the bands above + you can find out more about blackstump over here.
hope to see you there in 2014!

love love

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