Tuesday, October 22, 2013

{52 things before 25}



hello lovely friendlikins!

how are we this drizzly day? i'm enjoying the cool break from the toasty hot like an oven heat! if you've been following along with my 52 things before 25 goals, you may know that to read a book a month is on my list before i turn 25 this december. to be honest, i haven't done too much reading, but i have done a WHOLE lot of listening! tommy + i have listened to many audiobooks this year, most nights, instead of watching tv or a dvd we'll listen to the next part of our story. it's been lovely to listen as i craft and tommy draws. have you listened to audiobooks before? if you haven't, i think you should give it a go, it's GREAT!

here's what we've listened to so far:

we started the year with the inheritance cycle series by christopher paolini.

1. eragon

2. eldest

3. brisingr

4. inheritance

they're full of dragons, adventures, dwarfs, troll like creatures, elves, magic, love, loss, courage + fun times! i haven't seen the movie + didn't know anything about the story but really enjoyed this fantasy series so far! i think there is one more book to listen to!


we followed suit with more fantasy adventures, listening to the disc world series by terry pratchett.

1. the colour of magic

2. the light fantastic

3. equal rites

4. mor

5. sourcery

6. wyrd sisters

7. pyramids

8. guards! guards!

9. eric

10. moving pictures

11. reaper man

12. witches abroad

13. small gods

14. lords and ladies

15. men at arms

16. soul music

17. interesting times {currently listening to}

{next on the listening list:}

18. maskerade

19. feet of clay

20. hogfather

21. jingo

i've really been enjoying this series! i was first introduced to this magical land of hilarious adventure, when tommy + i were making engagement party invitations + making 35 metres of bunting! i highly recommend this series + the movies are AMAZING!

in between these amazing series, we started listening to a million miles in a thousand years by donald miller. i've read this one, i enjoy all of donald millers books! he has a great style of writing, like he's your friend sharing about his life's adventures!


the actual reading i have done are parts of:

1. the bible

2. searching for God knows what by donald miller

3. 31 girl by mary simpson

4. a women's devotional book

it's been lovely to listen + do, instead of watch. i would still like to get some actual reading done though! i'm even part of a book club, i haven't started reading the book... persuasion by jane austin. don't tell them, shhhh.

if you'd like to start listening to audiobooks, you should check out audible!


love love

p.s. if you need some reading inspiration check this out.

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