Saturday, April 20, 2013

{52 things before 25}

{letter writing}

hello lovely friendlikins!

how are you this rainy chilly day? at least it is here in sydney australia. how's the weather where you are? it's autumn here, is it spring there? i thought i would share with you another of my {52 things before 25} projects/goals!

for those who need the low down - i'm trying to achieve 52 things this year before i turn the big 25 in december! eek! i'm getting old... it's hard to remember how old you really are when your'e friends are mostly younger than you, and when most people think you're 18 yrs old + your husband is 25. how wrong they are! anyways,  for many years - approx. 10 years, i've struggled with sickness. it's quite a long time + it has held me back in ALL the ways. but this year i'm making it an epic year of doing the things i've wanted to do + actually enjoying life + making the most of it!

without my faith in my AWESOME God i wouldn't have been able to get through it but feel so blessed for all that He taught me through it. like patience + trusting fully in Him + knowing His AMAZING character + promises are what brought me through. i really believe that He is preparing me for something great, something that will bring Him glory!

i want to make the most of the time that i have here on earth + i want to love those around me as much as i can! one way i'm going to do this is by sending lovely letters full of awesome goodies to some lovely lady friends : ) maybe you could join me in writing letters, old school style to a friendlikin too?!

thank you God for stationery!
{so much papery goodness...}

love love

p.s. if anyone knows where the awesome pic of the stationery is from - do let me know, i want to give them due credit! thanks friendlikins : )

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