Wednesday, December 12, 2012


{CHRISTmas - is just around the corner. edition}

hello friendlikins!

how be you? hope you're fine n dandy! have you started to get ready for the CHRISTmas crazies? i've been a bit overwhelmed by all the end of year things to do! i thought i'd share with you a few CHRISTmassy things to get you in the mood for joy spent in reflecting + celebrating on the birth of Jesus + being so thankful for all that He has blessed us with.

it's tommy + my first CHRISTmas together as a married couple, but so far there has been no CHRISTmas tree or decorations or anything much happening to get us in the CHRISTmas spirit! i have started making a few presents + i've already received one but that's pretty much it. i think this has been due to the end of year crazies + also that we are house sitting for the next month as of sunday night {which was my birthday!}.

lets get excited + full of joy for that bundle of joy who came into this world as a mere baby!


* first up we have the most important thing - which is the she reads truth, advent devotional. i'm going to be reading through the study - which looks at what CHRISTmas is really about! focusing on Jesus because He is the reason for the season - He's AWESOME! you can check it our for yourself over here.

* for some added advent fun times - why not make a crafty, punchy kinda one?! send your CHRISTmas fists of joy this way.

* now it's not CHRISTmassy without a tree! how about opt for a diy cardboard one to spice things up a bit? you could decorate it with stickers or stick things in it?! definitely a good one for the budget conscious. since we are newly weds with no moolahs, this might be a goer!

* speaking of decorations, if you're going for a bit of a white whimsy kind-of CHRISTmas, you could deck the halls with these jolly glitter acorns! you'll find your whimsy this way.

 * whether you're crafty, into colours, or a kid at heart - maybe all three, i think that these painted creatures may tickle your fancy, as i know they do mine!

* now we can't decorate or get in the CHRISTmassy mood without some sweet tunes! i recommend any of the sufjan stevens CHRISTmas albums - full of fun times without forgetting Jesus! you can add this one to your iTunes playlist over here. did i mention it's free?!

* do you wear CHRISTmas earrings? i have ON THE DAY, but i've been noticing some women wearing them now, just around?! i think its a bit strange... what do you reckon? if i were to don some earrings on the day or before i reckon these would suit me just fine. if you want some wintery snow flake goodness, you can float this way.

* Jesus received gifts from the wise men, Jesus gives us the gift of salvation - a relationship with God the Father + a life abundant with grace + mercy + a changed heart. let's now give generously from the heart to our friends + family + those who are less fortunate this year. i really like the gift tags as a guideline for gift giving without going over the top. you can have a looksies for yourself over here + you can give to those in need over here.

 * if you're struggling with trying to give presents to all the people on your list. how about make something special for them. whether its a decoration for the tree, a pretty card/picture or a CHRISTmas tree piƱata for holiday fun times for all!

i hope you're feeling a bit more joyous + excited for a certain someone's birthday! i know i am : )
merry CHRISTmas + a happy new year!!!

love love

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