Monday, November 26, 2012

{mixtape monday}

{the pretty music video edition}

hello lovely friendlikins!

how are you? it's pretty stinkin' hot here! how was your weekend? have any adventures? getting ready for CHRISTmas?

tommy and i had a pretty big weekend! we had a friends wedding on saturday {congratulations ruth + marcus!} where tommy was playing drums. this was followed by a quick visit to the park for our nephew's 1st birthday party {happy birthday alex!}. then followed by the wedding reception where fun times were had in a traditional weddingy way {more on that another day}. the afternoon was spent - actually i'm not sure... the heat does weird things to me! does the heat mess with you too?! i get headaches + dizziness + now amnesia by the looks of it - or maybe that's just my normal forgetfulness! anywho, i know there was some watching of bones at some point.

sunday we were up earlier than we would have wished to be - and made our way to our neice's baptism {congratulations jojo!} she did very well + looked very cute in the process! praying she comes to know Jesus personally as she grows up + can make a decision for herself whether to give her life to Jesus!

we spent the rest of sunday at the shops in the air-con searching for shoes for tommy - it's not the easiest   task as he doesn't have the smallest feet. no shoes were found so we looked for an excuse to spend more time in the air-con, so we watched twilight - the last saga. yes, we have watched them all - but ironically - they're quite amusing! do you like them? have you read the books? i haven't... i read half a page + just couldn't hack it. tommy has listened to them i believe on audiobook.

here are some other things you could listen to + watch - but possibly more enjoyable, depending on which side of the fence you are sitting on. enjoy!

1. emma louise {jungle}

2. sucre {when we were young}

3. sóleypretty face {}

4. skinny love {birdy}

5. settle down {kimbra}

so so pretty right?! so talented + arty + clever + fun! i feel so blessed to be able to access so much talent on the net. i feel so blessed to be a part of friends and families special days. i feel so blessed for catching up with friends who have come to visit from out of state, and to spend time with my hubby!

anything that you are grateful for? or blessings God has poured out on you?! would love to hear about it : ) 

love love

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