Sunday, May 6, 2012

weekend fun times + day 6 + 7 of 365 grateful project

hello there lovely friendlikins!

how be you? hope you fine n dandy : ) how's your wkend been? had any adventures? or has it been more of a restful or productive weekend?!

mines been all 3! i spent saturday finishing off wedding invitations - wooot! and making the studio all clean. i went for a walk to where my boy works so we could go from there to his good friend Jon's 21st! : D which was super fun! we meet lots of lovely peeps who are friends with peeps we know - small world! - and who we'll see at a wedding real soon. tommy may even have made a friend who would like him to make a drum kit! yay!

sunday, being today has been nice and slow. Woke up late, walked with tommy to the local shops to nom on some fish n chippies and mooshies for the kitties - taking photos of pretties on the way. we then watched an episode of community : D one of our fav shows!

the only thing now is that i have a cough that sounds like whooping cough and im aching all over and have a throbbing headache. ok, I'll stop complaining now!

i'd love to say i have sexy man voice but really I sound like a frog... Haha

since i unintentionally took yesterday off with the 365 grateful project, instagram challenges and blogging. oops! but i think it was good. i dont want to be enslaved to online land. I want to share + care because i really want to. out of love, not begrudgingly. i'm trying to live out "action over good intentions". everyone can say they have good ideas or meant well... but what a wasted life to have all this potential and not use it! we need to put our potential into action. move it out of the no where land of good intentions.

ok, so that's my pep talk for today. back to what I was saying. ahhh... oh yes! so since i was computer free yesterday i'm going to catch up on 365 now.

alrighty, so here we go!

i'm grateful for...
"for lovely sunny afternoon walks with my love"

i'm grateful for...
"for the beauty that can be found everywhere, if we have the eyes to see it - like these beautiful flowers"

love love friendlikins
liz xo

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