Friday, May 4, 2012

***friday link fun times***

because everyone spends their friday night at home on the computer looking at pretty things and what not... hmm... just me?

well here is a lovely list full of friday link fun times:
(for you to peruse on which ever day does tickle your fancy)

 i'm hungry so lets start with these tasty brekkie ideas via design sponge

via moop - analog sms

i'm a newbie to pinterest but LOVING it : D
this here is a lovely mood board for the 'spring modcloth wedding' competition
soo lovely

what an AMAZING crafty lady! 

cross stitch your own iPhone cover - genius! man i want one...
this pretty crafty lil guy's hometown is here
but found here

i wonder how you join a flash mob group?
found via here

tattooed love - relevant magazine article found here

lovely hair styles found here
love elsie's blog - i'm sure you will too!
check it out here

and a fun tune to end the day off!
found here - how handy dandy you are shazammy!

that's it for tonight, hope you have a lovely weekend!
live with love, purpose and enjoy your blessings friendlikins 

love love
liz xo

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