Wednesday, May 2, 2012


so etsy is pretty much my hometown. there are SOO many pretty, lovely, stylish, crafty, handmade + vintage things! OH YES. and these beautiful high waisted teal vintage shorts have my name written all over them! if only i had moolahs...

you should totes check out etsy if you haven't already!
and if you're already in love, what stores tickle your fancy? i'd love to know : )
do you like these shorts?! I DO!!! (oh... um... I'm just rehearsing for the wedding. yes...)
speaking of wedding, do you think i can put this on the gift registry? we'll see...

you should check out this beautiful + colourful store full of things i would love to adorn my studio and body with! you can do so over here

thanks to frankie for their great post i find in my email and most of all for their pretties that arrive in the real post! oh how you inspire me. thank you : D

oh and if you want something to do you can check out my etsy store... doors have been closed for a while, but i'm working on a grand opening in the near future!!!! stay tuned! i'm excited, could you tell? are you excited???

lets drink chai + crochet soon friendlikins!
love love
liz xo

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