Thursday, May 3, 2012

crafty shenanigans

hope you're day has been fine n dandy! i thought since my blog is called crafty shenanigans that i should probably share all the crafty goodness I've been up to lately! make yourself at home with a lovely hot chai and a blanky.

the project I've been working on the longest, which is also a new skill that I'm learning...

which is quilting! i started this quilt probably late-ish 2011, for a beautiful new baby boy who has just come into the world! congrats to mel and jeremy : Di have a wonderful teacher who is full of quilty wisdom and has a quilty home - that lovely lady would be nona (hi nona, if you're reading this!) she's all up with the tech, and she is also my mother-in-law to be!

but i can't just settle with one project. are you like that too? a craft cupboard or box or corner of the room full of partly made crafty projects?! don't worry mel, i'll finish your baby quilt : ) the next project stemmed from a couple of unfinished projects, combining the beginnings of a cushion cover and misc to create a grandpa blanket - not a granny blanket - because its in 'manly' colours for my beau.

and then there are the new granny squares I've been making with my wool from the bendigo mill. do you start new projects to carry around, because your first project got too big? me too! so that is whats sparked the beginnings of a granny cardigan!

and lastly there are the paper cranes which I've been making the last week or so, to complete the 1000 paper cranes, of which 500ish were completed for the engagement party! these little guys are going to be decorations for the wedding! : D

speaking of weddings... so its may now... and next month is june! i will be a mrs on 23rd of june! woot! more about the wedding next wednesday when wedding wednesday makes its debut. stay tuned : )

thanks friendlikins
love love
liz xo

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