Monday, January 17, 2011

The week that was

Ello ello!

How are we all? What are your plans for the day? Such a hot and sunny day, should be at the beach... but my friends are either overseas or busy with other shenanigans... but all is not lost for I had a pretty awesome week last week! I... went to a wedding and Sydney festival, B'day dinner at a Thai restaurant, dinner at a friend’s, watched Knight and Day at the open air movies at Olympic Park (worst movie ever!), Cinema in the Cemetery watching Psycho (which really wasn’t scary), got my haircut and went to the markets : D. How’s your week been? Gotten up to any mischief?  


Sam and Alex got married last Saturday at my old church which was packed! Sam of course looked beautiful, and Alex very happy to see her : ). Group photos were taken out on the lawn in the shade, followed by a lovely afternoon tea – where I nom nommed on strawberries.

Sydney Festival 

Saturday night I made my way into the city for Sydney Festival  – I guess I was supposed to celebrate Sydney... On the way I came across this chalk guy - pretty cool huh?

The best and first band I saw play were Kitty, Daisy and Lewis – they were great with their harmonica and old school ways. You should check them out here. There were also some circus acts where they basically spent the whole time undressing each other (spent most of their time in their undies), there was also a comedian “Johnny Perfect” (or something ridiculous like that) who was kinda funny but also quite rude (particularly bad since there were a whole heap of kids there) and then worst of all there were burlesque dancers (most inappropriate for the kiddies, and nor did I want to see their butts...). To end the night we boogied to Arrested Development. If you haven't checked out Sydney Festival you should - it runs for the rest of January with events fro about 5pm - 12 am.

B’day Dinner

Monday night was spent celebrating Emily’s birthday at Red Spoon with the girls. We thoroughly enjoyed our quickly cooked and amazing tasting Thai – we LOVE our Thai!  This was followed by an amusingly green iced cake with Harry Potter on it : P.

Dinner with a friendlikin

Wednesday was spent at Spotlight with Josie and the sis. Where many a thing was bought... by me – there was a sale, so I thought I might as well stock up! There were huge chunky balls of wool for like $2 – SWEET! : D Of which I have already got my crafty hands to turn into a couple of scarves yesterday – photos soon to come + to be online @ milk and sugar story on Etsy! That arvo was spent eating the most deliscious orange, choc, raspberry muffins... yummm... : D and sewing pins onto the backs of the brooches I’ve crocheted, which too will be in the store this week! Make sure you check them out! This was followed by din dins and a DVD Just my Luck – fun chic flick times... although kinda uncomfortable to watch...

Knight and Day

We had a bit of a beach mission reunion, watching Knight and Day at Olympic Park... poorly made... Tom Cruise... need I say more... it was fun to hang with the peeps though nom nomming on choc chip cookies (wow, I really need to eat healthier... I really am addicted to sugar!)

Cinema in the Cemetery 

Friday night when the sun had finally gone to sleep, we made our way into the night towards the cemetery and amongst (well besides) the tombes we watched Psycho, Alfred Hitchcock’s 1960’s horror movie. It really wasn't that scary... nor gory (which I was very much appreciative of) I REALLY cant do gore!

Some Trivia on the handout (from IMBD)

Alfred Hitchcock appears about four minutes into the film wearing a cowboy hat outside Marion’s office.

Psycho is the first American film ever to show a toilet flushing on screen.

 More trivia to come!


Saturday I got my haircut (but was over charged by $30!) and then I  made my way to Glebe markets – only the best ever! It was mighty hot and I forgot just how far away Central Station was... and walking in new shoes, needless to say I got quite a few blisters! Next time, different shoes! But on the way we saw these gorgeous ducks : ) and at the markets I scored a skort – a skirt/shorts, which I think will come in very handy on those really windy days and when I go Salsa dancing. Thee haircut and skort pics will be coming shortly : ).


I completely missed Noahs, Sunday school for preschool aged kids, as I wasn’t able to sleep til 2:30am the night before and ended up waking up @ 1pm! : S I had a lovely restful day crotching huge chunky scarves with the new extremely cheap wool whilst watching DVD’s – Iron man and Mona Lisa Smile and An Education.

Until next time friendlikins!
love love Liz xo

 P.S. I do believe that I have crossed off a few things from my January Fun Times List and my 22 before 23 List... stay tuned!

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