Friday, January 14, 2011

milk and sugar story update

Hello friendlikins!
How are we all? Hope that you've had a bit of fun on your Friday night : D I'll let you know what shenanigans I got up to after a good sleep, for now is time for the sleepings. But before I do I thought I would let y'all know what was happening with thee store that be milk and sugar story.

My very first sale was on CHRISTmas Eve, which was very exciting! 3 brooches were purchased for some lucky ladies to opened the next day - and word on the street is that they liked them very much (it's nice to know something that I've made has put a smile on someones face!).

My next sale was today for 2 ties, which I was sad to part with... but I do believe that they are going to a good home where they will be enjoyed for their vinatgey goodness.
There are new handmade and vintage loveliness put in the store each day -with more crocheted brooches and ties flooding in over the next week! Apologies for the blurry images on the site... I was soo tired that day when I was shooting that everything seemed blurry, and I kinda hoped for the best... I'll make sure I'm awake next time! : P

There have been some changes to the blog, you may have noticed... the background has changed (unintentional but I think it's refreshing to have a change), there is also a twitter update (letting you know the happenings of what's new in store first), and there is also the Etsy store icons which lead you into the world of all things handmade and vintage. Much fun is to be had... and many books to be read... if you've checked out the books I'm reading list... I'm really good at trying to read too many at the same time - last time I was reading 11 books and got to the point where I was exhausted and gave up pretty much on all them... so then I had all these partially read books. I then had to start them from the beginning, because I hate starting something half way/not doing things properly... is that just me? Do you do that too? What books are you reading at the moment? Do you read more than one at the same time?

Until next time friendlikins!
love love Liz xo

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