Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Road Trip – Yes Please!

Boo! (cheeky face) Surprise! I am back. Back from a lovely, hilarious, relaxing weekend away in Berrara! Indeed I have been MIA, thought I would give us all a break + turns out there is no reception on the South Coast...

What a weekend indeed! It started on Friday morning being picked up by the party car (AKA Row and Cam) and we made our way down south listening to the mixtape of road trip songs I’d created last week. We sang, we laughed, we ate fast-food, and I crocheted... it pretty much follows me wherever I go! (Although I have resolved to only crochet on the weekend now...) We made a stop at the look-out in Mollymook, overlooking the sea which had a dandy view, and then followed by a visit to the cemetery for Row’s loved ones. Where I used the time to fix up all the flowers that had fallen over... is that weird? I was trying to be respectful and productive. Oh well.

Here is the grand abode...
We finally arrived at our destination after an intense shopping trip and a lovely walk along the beach – where I ran for the first time in sooo long (I forgot my body could go that fast!) and frolicked amongst my friends and the waves (fully clothed I might add! This was due to my ‘stacking it’ on the slippery rocks)

Here is my colourful knee..

That night the rest of the gang arrived, and we made spaghetti bol – with a whole clove of garlic, as I was cooking : P. After an awesome dessert of choc Bavarian, cookies and cream ice cream and ice magic, games were played – but I mostly played Connect 4 – which turns out can be quite a strategic game, with which a couple of egos were crushed... Saturday was spent at the beach – with kite flying (haven’t had the joy of doing that since I was a kid!), fishing, seaweed throwing (in the face!), and some sand wrestling, which resulted in me covered in sand and eventually sopping wet, fully clothed again... of course (as one needs to wash off the sand!). The rest of the afternoon didn’t involve acquiring bruises... it was quite relaxing, with waaay too much sport watching (normally don’t watch any – don’t think I’ve watched soo much in my life!), and taught someone (a boy who probably doesn’t want to be named) how to knit – it was tre fun, as I’ve 
never taught anyone before. 

Here is my crochet update... 34 out of 100!

Sunday involved a much needed sleep in – as I had only had 7 hours over the last 2 nights, but resulted from fun things like having bunk beds and talking into the wee hours! I was up in time to head off to Ulladulla to have fish’n’chips at a restaurant by the beach – one of which I nearly fell through a glass fence being pushed off a swivel chair! When I was doing my second wash of the weekend (as my clothes were all salty and sandy), there appeared in the driveway a young kangaroo pretty much writhing... it was very sad and it looked like it had broken its front legs by running into a car! Later that arvo a man with a gun had to end his misery – which was truly aweful, and I couldn’t listen to the shot nor look! And I couldn’t bring myself to take a photo – so sorry to you sickos! That night we played Jungle Speed and sang along to the Juno soundtrack! Have a listen here. Have you seen it? Have a peek here too. Although it was quite civil to past games that I’d played – as most people were new to it... in the past there have been carpet burns, screaming, and pinning people up against the wall! Although this time there was a bleeding finger... possibly from my nails... sorry Mal! Then everyone got their Sing Star on until the wee hours of the morning – but mostly as we didn’t know what time it was with the whole daylight savings thing : P.

Monday started with another sleep in – what the holidays are for, right?! Unfortunately didn’t have pancakes (was really looking forward to them!), but was graced with some nutella on toast... yumm... : D. Then we were off, but not without a stop at the lookout and an adventure in Berry – which is a lovely town full of many cute shop and beautiful trees! Yay for us – there was a market to check out, some local dance school doing a concert, a clown in a cool (sans creepy) get up, and an awesome tea store/cafe which I hope does deliveries (there were some funky tea pots there!), and sadness to the long line for the doughnuts which we had to live without. We did enjoy a lovely lunch in the gazebo in the park though!

Here is the lookout...

To conclude... I would like to thank my friends for the fun togetherness, the roller coaster of emotion, the laughing until my sides hurt, and most of all for God who blessed us with such a great weekend! Yay for road trips! : D

Where did you adventure it up over the October long weekend? Or did you go somewhere you hadn't been before in your hometown?

Stay tuned to find out what Battles Christians Face has to say about 'Lust' and how I'm going with my 'Things to do' list, and some mysterious shenanigans!

Until tomorrow,
Your friend Liz : )

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  1. What did I do for the long weekend? Well - I got picked up by the boring car - which I turned into the "party car" single handedly (I am nothing if not modest). I had to endure a few hours of obnoxious women in the car who would not leave me alone for a moment of quiet reflection. I mean fair dinkum, they were jabbering away, shoving their stinky (and hairy) feet in my face and just all together acting about half their actual age :P.

    When we finally got to our destination I was most disappointment with the living quarters - it was stuffy and the Russian army would even feel hard done by. I was enlisted in a room with two barbarians who kept farting the whole time - it was bloody chemical warfare.

    So we ventured outside the army bunker and went for a walk on the beach. And that is when one of the Barbarians (the hairiest one) dragged me into the water, pulled out my iphone and bid it farewell on the open waters!

    Then you know what happened? More Barbarians descended upon the premises! I knew that I was in for a long grueling slug. That night after one of the Barbarians spoke of her plan to light me on fire - the Hairy One stole my winning position in Monopoly and forced me to go to bed without dinner (probably a good thing seeing as they tried to poison each other with a lethal amount of garlic - antidote for living it is)

    The next day The Addams Family ventured to the beach and as I was digging a successful hole to some other place away from the Barbarians - the hairy one attacks me with seaweed to the face! A blatant act of treachery! At this point the dominant alpha male within took the wheel and I chased down the Hairy One and tackled her to the ground, I felt like King Arthur restoring order to Camelot. (For those of you who enjoy a good statistic, I took the beast down 10.564356234 times)

    That night I had to endure the garlic ridden spaghetti - I have reason to believe it was poisoned. I battled through though and was able to escape for long enough to recharge my batteries with a good viewing of 'Wallstreet' - the capitalist swine in me enjoyed this movie thoroughly. And apart from my barbarian roommates farting up a storm, it was a half decent nights sleep.

    On Sunday I was up early and escaped to the beach so that I could start construction on the boat which would allow me to escape the horror. Unfortunately my boat 'The Little Engine That Could Not' - did not make it past the rocks and so I swam back to the beach and accepted that I would have to see the weekend out.

    The beasts were taking to the wretched art of knitting on this day and so I relented and allowed the Hairy One to teach me to knit (I only did so because I feared for my life and Sun Tzu's 'The Art of War' says that you must keep your friends close but your enemies closer!) The barbarians then forced me to watch the Rugby League Grand Final - and my eyes ached, I felt like death was whispering seductively to me. Something else happened on this day - I witnessed a kangaroo depart life. I do believe Big Mal (one of the Barbarians I was rooming with) was out boxing the Kangaroo for morning exercise and he happened to win this bout (I had my money on the Kangaroo). Big Mal takes no prisoners, he brushes his teeth with chicken wire and washes his hair with the tip of a rattlesnake. He sweats VB and each night a dozen maidens come to collect his dirty clothes. An interesting character he is.

    On the final morning I could taste the air of FREEDOM. All I had to do was survive a brutal car ride home. The Barbarians were in full spirit on the car ride home - feet flying everywhere, multiple personalities flying left and right, strange voices being summoned from the belly of the beasts, lists being written - torn up - then written over again :P, chaos reigned on this car trip! When we got to Croydon I crept out of the car feeling as if I was following the Kangaroo to the afterlife.

    You sounded like you have a good long weekend though Liz, good to hear! :D