Tuesday, September 21, 2010

History Created

I was up for anything, just to get out of the house today. And so this evening I found myself listening to a lecture on church history at SMBC. It could have been really interesting, except for the fact that I was ridiculously tired, had no background knowledge and wasn’t expecting to be sitting through 3 hrs! 

Normally I quite enjoy writing notes but this is pretty much the extent of mine tonight.

The one thing that stood out to me, which was a reiteration of a sermon that I’ve heard, was on how God is extravagant. How God has made a vast variety within creation, with different sounds, colours, smells, tastes, and textures! And how God could have made things boring and only made what was necessary like only making one animal to eat and one vegetable with all the nutrients we need and for that to be it! Life would be so dreary... and creation really wouldn’t reflect God’s amazing, extravagant, beautiful, powerful and generous character! I very much enjoy colours and aesthetics, and am going to make more of a conscious effort to enjoy all of God’s creativity and the gifts and skills he has provided others. Whether it be the veins on a leaf, the patterns on butterfly wings, the design in old buildings, the raw experiences expressed through song, or the sounds that different instruments make. I’m going to try to enjoy the many things God has blessed me with and be more thankful to the one who made them all!

Been listening/dancing to this song all day : D 

Until tomorrow,
Your friend Liz : )

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