Saturday, September 25, 2010

Done and done

Yay for productivity! : P Oh I am so cool. Today I have been a busy house wife doing the washing as well as the washing up (must be all the Mad Men I’m watching – finished the 1st season today). Mum taught me how to crotchet, and so I’ve crocheted around a few squares – which I did whilst listening to a Relevant podcast and also shamefully watching Gossip Girl... 

I had a great time organising the craft cupboard as it was a bit of a sty! So now the all material is looking pretty and ready to be used. I was inspired by some pics from a blogger (who I cant find...). I would love to have a room just for all the arty and crafty shenanigans!

I also organised my desk, and am in dire need of another filing cabinet! Yes, I have that many things to file... : P Oh how I love officeworks... and Kiki K... and Typo... 

I really need to get out more... I just realised that the only time I left the house today was to do the washing and bring in the shopping – oh and whilst I was out the front I found this beautiful and yet dead butterfly...

Which reminded me of this song which is part of a mixtape I’ve been listening to all week. You should check out this YouTube video – the paper part is pretty cute, the acting is pretty hilarious though!

I started out my afternoon (I slept through the morning... again!) with this passage among others – but thought I would share this one as it shows how awesome God is, and put a smile on my face all day : D.

Until tomorrow,
Your friend Liz : )

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