Tuesday, February 18, 2014

{the cure for feeling meh...}

hello lovely friendlikins! 
how are you? hope all is fine + dandy your way! things are a bit yucky over here. i've been quite sick the last week. so sick in fact i've been kinda hilarious! i think i may have lost the plot actually... the other night i was saying everything starting with the letter c + last night i think everything was rhyming! i finally got to the dr today + it turns out i have some sinusitis or something + am on antibiotics + every tablet under the sun! 
i've basically spent the last week on the couch or in bed asleep or stitching or watching grimm or sherlock! which would be ever so lovely if i wasn't UBER sick with an AWESOME temperature!
anywho, thought i would stop by to say hello, spread some love + let you know that i am MOSTLY alive!
hope your'e all having lovely weeks + not sick as a brick! {i think i just made that up - you can use that one! haha}
love love
p.s. here are my recommendations for how to cure the mehs...
1. play sweet sweet music to your ears
2. read an interesting book
3. have a bubble bath or try to replicate it in the shower {only good times shall commence henceforth}
4. watch your favourite movie or tv show
5. make something - i like to crochet + stitch + quilt {perhaps you do too?}
good luck sickos!
with much love,
the queen of sick

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