Wednesday, November 27, 2013

{lizzie's life lately}

{taking stock}


hello lovely friendlikins!

how are you this fine + dandy day? i hope your'e well lovelies + enjoying the sunny sunshine! how CRAZY to think that it's less than a month til CHRISTmas?! are you ready? have you bought/made your presents yet? mine are part way there but plenty more to go! sorry i haven't said hello for a while, it's been a bit nutty + a bit sick around here but i'm keen beans to be back! : )

here's what my life is looking like lately:

making: a crocheted bag + mini granny square brooches + CHRISTmas pressies!

cooking: tommy's been making a delish beany dish!

drinking: lots + lots of water + hydralyte {i've been SUPER dehydrated}

reading: devotionals + bible + blogs!

wanting: to go for a bike ride but i'm a coughing zombi!

looking: like a zombi...

playing: the no sleeping game... it's no fun, i don't recommend it!

deciding: it's probably time to dye my hair again!

something like this - {link}

wishing: i was more productive.

enjoying: snuggles with the kitties!

waiting: for my lovely friend josie to come home from her adventures in the philippines + japan!

liking: the rainy weather - so nice to snuggle up + drink tea in.

wondering: what adventures next year will hold?

loving: that tommy has started gigging with theif again! {gig @ spectrum + aussie tour with the aston shuffle!}


pondering: what to make for CHRISTmas pressies?

considering: what things i would like for CHRISTmas...

watching: don't trust the b in apartment 23 + elementary

hoping: tommy + i get better soon!

marvelling: at the beautiful blue skies God has blessed us with today!

needing: to organise my planner for the end of year crazies + for next year!

smelling: ALL the pretty flowers!

wearing: my silky, floral blouse + denim shorts.

following: WAY too many people on pinterest!

noticing: that it's less than 2 weeks to my birthday + less than a month til CHRISTmas!

knowing: that there are plenty of things to do on my to do list + my 52 things before 25 list too!

thinking: it will have to be a miracle to get it ALL done!

feeling: pretty meh, but that's the sick life.

admiring: successful crafty/bloggy biz ladies!

buying: new undies! {it was VERY exciting!}

getting: better i think, despite the lack of sleep!

pinning: ALL the pretty things that tickle my fancy!

giggling: about silly things with tommy : )

i hope you've been having some lovely adventures of late! what have you been up to? what's been on your mind + your to do list? any plans for the holidays? i'm looking forward to family CHRISTmas times in newcastle : )

love love

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