Monday, November 4, 2013

{instagram photo a day}

{october edition}

day 1. {colourful}

organising my planner

day 2. {light}

such a sunshiney day!

day 3. {you today}

blackstump - ootd {outfit of the day}

day 4. {in motion}

pre-circus excitement selfie!

day 9. {pink}

such pretty pink flowers whilst out + about.

day 16. {leafy}

such wonderful blue skies - God is good!

day 18. {still}

{church ceiling}
'be still and know i'm God' psalm 46:10

hello lovely friendlikins!

how are you? hope all is well with your soul! how's your october been? did you do anything for halloween? we didn't, but it's not really a thing here in australia. there's a few kids who'll dress up + go trick or treating but it's pretty rare. october was the hottest month on record, and it showed itself with sunshiney days, terrible heat + bush fires! and of course, it now feels like winter {i'm wearing a hoody at this very mo!}

in october i worked on ways to tweak my planner + general organisation of life. i'm trying to figure what system is best for me + my productivity - so i can be using my time wisely + for God's glory! i LOVE stationery! i'm keen to get my planner all ready for 2014 : D do you use a planner? are you a filofax fan? or do you like to keep on top of things the techy way? i like a mix of both - but still learning to keep both updated!

another exciting thing in october was that tommy + i scored free tickets to see the GREAT MOSCOW CIRCUS! how did we come across such awesomeness? well, it's handy to have a sister-in-law with kids, who happens to be given them by a complete stranger at the shops, due to his no longer being able to use the tickets! so on that very night, tommy + i were off to see the circus! it was so much fun! it was tommy's first time to the circus, and i hadn't seen the circus since i was little, when they still had the lions + elephants! the great moscow circus is like a mix between a traditional circus + cirque dis olei. it was theatrical, hilarious, nerve-racking, exciting, and there were amazing costumes + AMAZING performers! guess what?!? tommy was chosen by one of the clowns to do a booty dance in the centre ring! it was tre hilarious : P if the great moscow circus is in town - you should check them out!

what adventures did you have in october? planned any for november?

love love

p.s. join in for november's photo a day challenge:

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